Miami Is the World Capital of What?

Miami Is the World Capital of What?

Lots of cities claim to be the world capital of something or other. Las Vegas is the world capital of gambling. Nashville, the world capital of country music. New York can be called the world capital of finance, media, and culture.

But what about Miami? Well, the most common answer is "world capital of Latin America." Fair and true enough, but that's not all we've been called "the world capital of." We trolled Google for some more answers by entering that starting phrase and seeing what others have declared us, and, well, most of the other choices aren't quite so flattering.


"The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, an event that will make this city the world capital of rum with more than 200 brands that are recognized and a program that includes tastings and seminars." - KCBA

Miami Is the World Capital of What?
Photo by George Martinez

Electronic Dance Music

"Miami as it becomes the world capitol [sic] for electronic dance music." -

Miami Is the World Capital of What?
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"When planning their family vacation this couple might rank, of all places, Miami at the top of their list, failing to recognize the town was considered possibly the world capital of nouveau-ness." - Rich: The Rise and Fall of American Wealth Culture, Lawrence R. Samuel

Violent Crime

"Almost in spite of its reputation as a world capital of violent crime, drug trading, and ethnic conflict, southern Florida remains a major tourist destination for North and South Americans as well as increasing numbers of Europeans and Asians" - the LA Times

Miami Is the World Capital of What?
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"Superficial, materialistic, self-serving, rude, uncaring douchebags plus fun that revolves around drugs, alcohol, and sex = Douchebag Capital of the World" - Message Board

Artisan Cheese

"Miami will be the world capital of Artisan Cheese in March 2011." - Bloomberg

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