Miami Is the Brazilian Butt-Lift Capital of America

In the words of Liberty City poet Trina: "Who got more ass than the average bitch? You know it's the baddest bitch. Number ten in the face, slim in the waist, fat in the ass, do you want a taste?"

Yes, Trina, apparently Miami does want a healthy serving of plump booty meat, because according to a new survey, Miami is the Brazilian butt-lift capital of America.

According to statistics from plastic surgery reference site Real Self, Miami residents are interested in the Brazilian butt-lift procedure more than any other American city. In fact, Miamians looks up Brazilian butt-lifts 128 percent more than the national average.

West Palm Beach and Orlando also place in the top five, proving that Florida has a huge case of big-booty fever. The site theorizes it has something to do with the warm weather and large Hispanic population.

In case you're wondering, a Brazilian butt-lift involves having fat sucked out of one body part and then injected into the ass. Delightful.

Just be careful, though, ladies (and gentlemen? Who knows?) if you chose such a procedure. It's well known you can be pulled over for having an ass that's too fat. (Whoop! Whoop!)

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