Miami Is America's Second Most Jewish City, in Case You Needed Proof

The fact that Miami is America's second most Jewish city really isn't much of a surprise. The fact that the Daily Beast decided to rank America's city by Jewishness is, well, actually not a surprise either as much as it is kind of weird. But the Daily Beast loves creating rankings of America's cities, and we love passing them on to you.

To come up with the rankings, the site "measured three per-capita criteria: Jewish population, synagogues, and kosher restaurants across 110 major metropolitan areas across the U.S." That means they included the entire Miami metro area and not just the city of Miami proper.

Miami came in at number two, behind only New York City; 8.7 percent of our population is Jewish, also the second highest by far. Interestingly, Miami ranks 37th for synagogues per capita. Which might be misleading considering many synagogues in Miami are quite large. There are also 71 kosher restaurants here.

I think this calls for a 2 Live Jew celebration.


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