Miami Heat Considering Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady

Last season, the Miami Heat's roster included a few superstar names and a lot of over-the-hill veterans. That worked out relatively fine but wasn't quite enough. Maybe a few superstar over-the-hill veterans could help?

The team's top brass thinks it might be worth a shot and is reportedly considering looking at Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady.

The Heat need a defense-minded small forward, and previous reports have suggested the team could be after 32-year-old free agent Shane Battier. However, Barry Jackson reports the team is now also interested in 38-year-old Hill.

If the Heat cannot sign preferred choices Shane Battier, Grant Hill or Tayshaun Prince postlockout, Miami will consider Michael Redd and Tracy McGrady, among others.

From the media-spectacle angle, Hill or McGrady would be, well, interesting. Both might be a bit past their prime, but we are talking about guys who have been selected to an All-Star team seven times each. Do we even have room for a big four?

Let's not forget that while LeBron James and Dwyane Wade fell off the list of the NBA's most marketable players this year , Grant Hill sat at number seven.

Though, Hill and McGrady do have something in common with James: Neither has an NBA championship. So the proposition could be tempting for everyone involved.

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