Miami Graffiti Captures the City's Street Art Scene

Miami Graffiti Captures the City's Street Art Scene
James & Karla Murray

A few months ago, New Times editor Chuck Strouse admired Buk Fifty's work above I-95. However, some people didn't think it wasn't as cool as Strouse made it out to seem. Personally, I take more a middle-of-the-road approach. Though defacing signs on I-95 ends up costing the taxpayers money to clean up, there is no denying neighborhoods such as Wynwood have greatly benifited from street artists and their work, legal or not. Instead of sun-bleached walls, the area features countless colorful murals that add to its vibrancy.

Photographers James and Karla Murray have captured Miami's graffiti scene and artists in a newly released book titled Miami Graffiti. In it, they've gorgeously documented vivid murals created by locals. Check out some photo excerpts from the book here, and if you want to meet the photographers, they will be a Buck 15 Wednesday night to celebrate its release.

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