Miami Free Times: Poolside Film Noir, the Return of the Jukebox, and Chelsea Handler

We like making sure you're well-rounded. So again, we present five things to this week that are not only free, but 100%, grade-A fun. Start off the week with a free film screening at a posh hotel pool and end the week with a book signing by Chelsea Handler. If all else fails, we hear tickle parties and snorkeling are two hot new cheap thrills.

Monday: The 1946 film The Postman Always Rings Twice will screen poolside at the W Hotel. Lana Turner plays an unsatisfied wife whose life gets messy when a hottie drifter comes into town. There's no charge to see this noir classic.

Tuesday: Miami never got the memo that bars are greatly improved by the presence of a good jukebox. So it's refreshing to hear of the just opened Kill Your Idol on Española Way. In addition to board games, cheap beer, and talking deer trophies, KYI has a juke with punk, British rock, and post-punk tunes. Huzzah!

Wednesday: L.A. artist Drew Heitzler has created a public lashing of mogul Howard Hughes, using Scarface footage. See The World is Yours at Locust Projects.

Thursday: Kids today can pick some great art. Exhibit A: The inspired Aesthetics & Values 2010 show at Frost is curated by FIU students. And the Frost is always free.

Friday: OK, so you'll have to pay close to $80 to laugh at her live show at the Fillmore but Chelsea Handler will be doing a book signing at Books & Books earlier in the day. The ticket is free when you buy her new volume.


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