Miami-Dade Unveils Affordable Health Care

Hot news  Miami has, by some metrics, the highest health care costs in the nation, So the county unveiled plans for a new affordable health care plan that officials are not only calling "cutting edge," but a possible model for nationwide reform. 

Dubbed Miami-Dade Blue, the plan would cost an average 35 year-old for about $110 a month. 

After a deductible of $250, the plan pays 90 percent of in-network hospitals, a $10 co-pay for generic drugs, 100 percent of in-network lab tests, with a lifetime benefit of $5 million.

''This is going to be not only cutting edge but truly a national model,'' said Janet Perkins of the Office of Countywide Healthcare Planning.
A key factor was getting providers to accept discounted fees. About 1,500 doctors agreed to be part of the special Miami-Dade Blue network. BCBSFL executive Penny Shaffer said that most primary care specialists have agreed to take about $50 for a basic office visit, which is the amount the plan will pay.

The plan aims to reduce the number unisnured residents in the county, estimated to be around 600,000.


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