Men Arrested, Accused of Trying to Buy Laundry Detergent With Counterfeit Bills

Blame counterfeiting technology and man's inclination to evil if you'd like, but we're blaming the extortionist laundry industry for driving prices too high for the average Joe to keep his skivvies clean.

Miami 24-year-old Dayan Capestany was arrested after Charlotte County Sheriff deputies say he tried to buy a box of Tide detergent with a fake $100 bill, according to WBBH.

When the clerk refused to take the bill, Capestany allegedly ran out of the store and drove away with two other men in an SUV, presumably to go use their thousands of dollars in fake money to buy dryer sheets and a Kudos bar.

Police caught up to the men and arrested all three as they allegedly chucked fake money out of their truck. Capestany is charged with uttering a forged bill, and the two men with him, 19-year-old Luis Carlos Aguero-Gonzalez and 44-year-old Ihosvany Mederos Fernandez, are charged with being principals to uttering a forged bill.


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