Meet Your New Marlins Uniform: The Fish Drop the 'Florida' Next Year

News flash: Your Marlins baseball club is building a new stadium that will cost taxpayers $4.7 bagillion and, far more tragically, will probably not be sponsored by Jimmy Buffett's crappy beer.

In happier news, they will also drop the "Florida" from their name -- as if they were ever really playing for all of those hardcore Fish fans in Fort Walton and greater Jacksonville.

Marlins Prez Jeffrey Loria has promised a new uni set to go with the Miami Marlins club, presumably less heavy on the ol' teal. That won't happen until 2012, when the new park opens.

In the meantime, fans can already start forgetting about the "Florida" part of the team name. Next year's unis, released this afternoon, have replaced the state name on the road sets with a "Marlins" script and scrapped the "F" logo patch on the left sleeve.

In other news, if you haven't watched the trippy new home run display planned for the new stadium, do it. Do it now.  

It's like the Mets' home run Apple, as redesigned by Doc Ellis while on his no-hitter LSD trip

Which we mean as a ringing endorsement.


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