What're you lookin' at?

Meet the Hogans

I don’t know what gave it away. Maybe it was the platinum blonde locks. Maybe it was the faux tans. But there they were. Miami’s new first family: the Hogans. They sat at a table in the front dining area of Smith & Wollensky on South Beach the other night, attracting the type of curiosity normally associated with children staring at live lobsters in fish tanks at a seafood restaurant.

Even members of my best friend’s birthday dinner party couldn’t resist the urge to gawk at the Hulkster and his clan. Apparently, the wrestler-turned-reality-star didn’t like the attention. A female employee, speaking to a co-worker, didn’t sympathsize with the ex-grappler’s complaints to management. “If they did not want to be bothered they shouldn’t be seating in the front of the restaurant like candlesticks,” she grumbled. I couldn’t agree more. --Francisco Alvarado


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