Codina on the far right.
Codina on the far right.
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Meet That Developer Guy: A Tiger Beat-Style Peek at the Millionaire Tied to Spence-Jones's Bribery Charges!

What do we really know about Armando Codina? You know, aside from his role in suspended Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones's alleged bribery. Her indictment, filed yesterday, claims she solicited $25,000 from the self-made multimillionaire developer, who then poured $12,500 into her non-profit.

Codina has not been charged criminally. Still, Riptide was curious about the 62-year-old, politically-connected Cuban immigrant (plus you never read teen mag profiles about real estate titans these days!) So we set out to learn his favorite pop band and ice cream flavor -- and to raise this important question: Are you and Armando totally perfect? Here's what we found:

He is BFF with Jeb: In the eighties, Codina founded a real estate company with to-be Florida Governor Jeb Bush. It later was later dubbed Codina Group.

He totally hangs in Doral: Codina snapped up 113 acres in Doral to develop its downtown in 2004.

Where you'll find his pals: In 2006, the feds investigated Codina and his partner Sergio Pino under a statue called ''honest services fraud." The reason: Pino flew Commissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz to Cancun, Mexico for a week-long fishing trip on his private jet, just days after the developers applied for a zoning change. The commish told reporters they didn't discuss business -- "only drank and talked about women, and politics in Cuba," according to the Herald. No criminal charges were filed.

Fave quotes? About himself!: In a profile the same year, he's quoted as saying: "The perception is Armando Codina has so much power...It doesn't work that way." (Side note: Read Spence-Jones's delightful use of third-person here.)

Fave hobbie? Collecting land!: In 2006 his company MDM Development Group -- which owns a chunk of downtown Miami -- asked city commissioners to extend the name Brickell Avenue from the financial district to downtown. (State prosecutors allege this prompted the Spence-Jones bribe.)

Fave Businesses? Really big ones!: In 2008, he made more than $800,000 annually just from sitting on corporate boards such as General Motors, Home Depot, Merrill Lynch and American Airlines.

His pad is sweet: As of 2008, Codina's waterfront Coral Gables mansion was worth $7.2 million.

That's all for now, ladies. Expect to learn more in coming weeks...

A very serious breaking news update: Riptide's diligent managing editor has just confirmed his fave bands, after all: The Carpenters and Iron Maiden. Oh, and of course: The Police.


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