McCollum Is In To Win It (For the 14th Time)

As expected, Attorney General Bill McCollu m officially entered the governor's race this morning. 

This is, as the Democrats were so quick to point out, McCollum's 14th race for public office in his lifetime, including two failed senate bids. So he's no stranger to the Florida electorate. Though, his role as Attorney General, which he's only held for a little over two years, is his only state-wide experience. 

Before that, McCollum spent 20 years in the U.S. House, during which he was a House Manager for Bill Clinton's impeachment trial. 

Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp was in attendance at the formal kick off today in downtown Orlando, confirming that he won't be running himself. Though, Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson, who's said to be considering a run himself, was absent. 


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