Mass Cat Death Avoided on South Beach

A demolition project set to destroy an abandoned building in South Beach had to be postponed today. What dare stop the mighty wrecking ball? Kitty cats, apparently.

According to Local 10, the foreclosed building at 321 Ocean Dr. has become home to a colony of cats. A group of residents, led by Danielle Crocker, pleaded with building owner TD Bank and demolition contractors ASC Inc. Apparently, they were planning to destroy the structure with the felines still inside, ensuring a mass kitty death.

Crocker even promised to stand in front of the bulldozer to save every cats' nine lives.

However, the kitties have been saved; professional trappers will remove the felines before the deconstruction.

Miami-Dade Animal Services says it is supposed to be notified if a building with animals inside is to be destroyed. However, it never received a notice from TD and said the bank could have faced felony charges for knowingly cause harm to animals.

The plan is to remove the cats and go through with the demolition next week. Some estimates say as many as 300,000 cats now call foreclosed Miami Beach properties home.


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