Marlins Tickets Now Cheaper Than a Stapler

After years of flirting with the line, it has become official: It's more expensive to drink one beer at Sun Life Stadium than it is to watch nine innings of professional baseball.

There really isn't much else to say -- parking is $10, a beer is $8, and the Marlins sent out an email this morning advertising tickets on sale for $7.10.

The tickets are part of the Noche de Radio Mambi promotion and available on Aug. 25 and Sept. 21, but for 80 cents more you can pick up tickets for a few other games.

Somebody, please buy a ticket. It's cheaper than a trip to Chipotle, and bad baseball is still baseball -- but the Marlins are lookin' pretty saucy lately, winning five in a row going into the all-star break. And that $7.10 could pay off in spades if you end up getting to see Jack McKeon hit an umpire with his walker.


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