Mark Foley Would Like To Send Suggestive Emails To Obama (or Not)

Suggestive emails of the supportive type, that is. According to Variety's Wilshire and Washington blog (via Wonkette) a couple of Hollywood types ran into Foley, the infamous former WPB Conressman, dining at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Foley was all like 'I didn't know the kid was 18, I was drunk, whatever, ha ha about this Mahoney guy, p.s. I favor Obama.'

So there it is, even drunk, Republican, "accidental" pedo-types have enough foresight to know that Tim Mahoney is kind of ridiculous, and Obama is clearly the man.

Update: Variety now says that Foley doesn't favor Obama. He made a statement saying the he cast an absentee ballot already, and it wasn't for Obama, but he'll keep his vote private. Hmmm, such a mystery. If he didn't vote for Obama who could he have possibly voted for? Maybe Larry Budge from this SNL sketch.

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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