The scofflaw pigeon.
The scofflaw pigeon.
via Sky News

Marijuana-Smuggling Pigeon Busted Outside Colombian Prison

​When did Colombia's avian population fall into a desperate life of drug running? First, there was Lorenzo the Parrot, who was arrested last fall for acting as a look-out for a weed and weapons stash. Now comes word this morning that Colombian police have detained a pigeon that was trying to fly into a prison with 1.6 ounces of pot strapped to its body.

Someone get these birds a very special episode of Blossom before it's too late.

Colombian forces noticed the pigeon struggling to fly over the walls surrounding a prison in Bucaramanga, reports Britain's Sky News. They nabbed the bird as it fluttered near a house, unable to gain much height due to a white bag strapped to its back.

When police opened the bag, they found almost two ounces of pot.

"This is a new case of criminal ingenuity," General Jose Angel Mendoza, Commander of Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police, told the network.

Here's the tape:

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