Marco Rubio's High School Girlfriend Dishes on His "Acne Ridden" and "Geeky Charm"

Marco Rubio may now be DC's newest studly senator, but back when he was a freshman at Miami Senior High School he was an "acne ridden boy with braces and knobby knees" who turned his stalking-like courting habits into a relationship with a nice young girl. Well, Rubio's ex-sweetheart is dishing on the relationship.

Michele Mallet details the relationship on the In Love & War blog. She doesn't mention that boy by name, but does says he played football and is now a U.S. Senator. There's only one US Senator who played football at South Miami, and that's Rubio.

Writes Mallet:

As my Freshman year began I noticed that this one acne-ridden boy with braces and knobby knees always smiling and saying "hello" to me while passing me on the stairs or in the halls between classes. I was not interested romantically in him and continued to vaguely smile back and go about my way. While on the football field during practice I noticed that same boy again. Oh no, he's #46 on the defensive team. But my attitude of indifference towards him would soon change because this boy was not like any other boy, he was by far the most persistent boy I had ever met. He began to find me everywhere I would be and started seeking out my affections with his sense of humor and outgoing demeanor and he did so for months before I could not resist his geeky charm.

Ah, so Rubio a sort of creepily persistent, pimple-ridden geek? Aside from the football, he almost sounds like Neil Goldman from Family Guy .

Sadly, the relationship turned sour when jealousy consumed young Mallet. Why did she think anyone else would want a pimply little geek knobby knees?

Anyway, Mallet is now happily married. Rubio of course managed to get hitched to a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader.

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