Marathon's a Comin'

Like many Miamians, I'm preparing for the ING Miami half marathon on January 27. Next year, I'l run the whole banana. That's my pledge.

This morning I did five miles -- a tad more than my regular run. My feet hurt. My knees hurt. I'm an aging, friggin wimp.

Nevertheless this weekend is the last big run. I'm planning 11 miles....a very slow 11 miles. Maybe Sunday before dawn. The light these weeks has been incredible. The course for the first half of this race is the prettiest of any running race in America.

The day before the race is the Tropical 5K, which I hope to run with my family as a warmup....May bring a running stroller or something....

Anyway, I pledge to do the whole damn thing next year. You?

Chuck Strouse

This morning


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