Man Escapes Hospital Mental Evaluation, Attempts Carjacking, Steals Bike

A man led police on a wild chase this morning after he escaped from Jackson Memorial Hospital's crisis center. The unidentified suspect was being held under the Baker Act to undergo a mental evaluation but somehow slipped out and then tried to steal a car before successfully taking a bike.

The man was first apprehended after police received a trespassing call at 301 NE Biscayne Blvd. at 3 a.m. He tried to elude police by jumping into the bay, but the Coast Guard was called in to apprehend him.

He ended up at Jackson for a mental evaluation, but around 7 a.m., he escaped. Police still aren't sure how he got out. Once on the street, he tried to carjack a woman on NW Seventh Avenue. The woman was able to drive away, so the man stole a bicycle.

When police caught up to the man, he tried to fight them. Tasers were deployed, and it took several officers to apprehend him.

He ended up right back where he started: at Jackson to undergo a mental evaluation.

He'll also likely face charges of attempted carjacking and strong-arm robbery.

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