Magic City Kitty: She's Too Skinny for My Sausage

Hello, Kitty: I'm having issues with a new girl. I can't figure out if I'm settling for less or just being shallow. We've been dating for about three months and things are pretty great. Emotionally and mentally we really click, but physically she's just not clearing the bar. The problem is, she's too petite. I like full-figured women but thought I would try something different with her. Unfortunately, because of her size, the sex is taking a hit. We have sex only once a night because anything more than that just hurts her too much. We've tried lube, but she still taps out before I'm done. As a result, I'm constantly looking at other women and thinking about them. Should I just get over myself and accept that I have a great girl or cut her loose to find a bigger pot of gold?

Starvin Marvin

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