Magic City Kitty: Now I'm a Prisoner of Love

Hello, Kitty: I've been seeing a fellow officer for a while -- ever since I was deployed to Kuwait six months ago. This is my second tour. My first ended when I proposed to a fellow officer whom I had been dating. Though we lived together for a while, the relationship pretty much fell apart when things heated up with the new girl. Now I don't I know what I would do without my new girlfriend. But there's a problem. I just got word my ex will be posted here in six weeks. She still wears the engagement ring I got her, has been writing me since I've been here, and expects to rekindle our relationship once she arrives. I admit that in our letters I've played along with the idea of us reconciling, but the truth is I don't want to. She was clingy, jealous, and lacks the spunk of my new girl. She'll be here soon. Please tell me how I can avoid a very uncomfortable situation once she arrives.

Major Dyk

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