Magic City Kitty: My Girlfriend is a Lying 30-Year-Old Stripping Grandma

Hello, Kitty: I have been dating this woman for about six months, and we have had some disagreements. She is 30 years old, very attractive, and low-key. She doesn't club, drink, smoke, sleep around, or anything else of the sort. She mostly stays home, watches TV, reads the Bible, and prepares lesson plans for her job (she's a teacher). However, there are some things that bother me about her. For one, she is a grandmother. This means (to keep a long story short) she had a rough childhood and is not a very good parent. Number two, she has lied to me on a couple of occasions.

The last straw was when all of a sudden she told me she had been a "bartender" at three different strip clubs around South Florida when she was a teenager. At this point, I feel like an idiot because I really don't even know the person who I have been involved with for the past six months. I am less disturbed by the former job than the fact she kept that from me. So finally, my question is: Am I wrong for not trusting this woman?


Nottin Luvwita

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