Magic City Kitty - My Girl Stole My Ballz

Hello, Kitty

Two weeks ago, my girl came down from Orlando to visit for the weekend. I was stoked to spend time with her because we've been in a long-distance relationship since January and have seen each other only six times since then. I made plans for us to do all the things that in-town couples do, and she seemed like she was having a great time. Then, on Saturday, she decided to go have dinner with some of her college friends. I was a little pissed she would let her girls cut into our time, but I decided to be a cool boyfriend and let her go. Once she was out, she sent me a text: There was a cute girl at the table. I know she fools around with girls, but I assumed she was just casually mentioning the girl's hotness, so I texted back, "Cool." The night went on, and we texted back and forth about meeting up later. Then, around midnight, all communication ceased. I had no idea what was going on and eventually fell asleep on my couch -- pissed. She waltzed in the next morning all casual and said, "I fucked her." I couldn't believe it. I told her to pack her shit and go. She apologized, but I insisted she leave. Now I regret it. Should I have told her to go? Is it too late to smooth everything over and get back to normal?

E.Z. Mark

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