Magic City Kitty: Let's Be More than Friends

Hello, Kitty: After eight long years of friendship, I'm ready to tell my bff I'm in love with her. When we first met, it was under the pretense that I wanted to date her, but she shot me down completely. She said I wasn't her type, she'd rather be friends, etc., etc. At first I was torn up, but then I realized she'd change her mind if she saw what a great friend I could be. Over the years, I've always been there for her, as a friend and kind of like a brother. Whenever a guy fucked her over, I was there. If she needed food, money, a ride, I was there. And now I want her to be mine. But I'm not sure how to go about it. Of course, I don't want her to know I've been lying in the bushes, waiting for the right opportunity. So how can I go about seducing her?

Mo Thanfrens

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