Magic City Kitty: I Want My Oral Back

Hello, Kitty: My wife and I are both 25. We have been married for three years, together for five. I love her with every last beat of my heart, but I feel she has lost interest in some sexual activities. Like most men, I love oral, both giving and receiving. She used to wear me out; now I have to basically beg her for it. Actually, once she gave me head, like, eight times in one day. I will never forget that day. Could I be doing something wrong? I trim down there and I'm clean. I also die for the chance to give her oral. It's actually my favorite thing. I can do it for hours. Anyway, how can I get her more into this kind of thing? She loves doggy-style and cowgirl position, so she isn't cutting sex out altogether, but I'm worried there will be no more oral. What can I do? Do women normally "calm down" like this?

Lhone Lee Coque

Read Kitty's answer here.


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