Magic City Kitty - Cyber Sex Can't Escape the WWW

I wasn't exactly hot as a teen, but when I hit 25, I became a stud and subsequently went on a decade-long dating spree. Recently I decided to drop the bachelor life and start hunting for someone to spend my life with. It hasn't been easy; no one fits the mold. So, on the advice of a friend, I tried the Internet, and after a few weeks, I found a woman who's intelligent, funny, cute, and really into me. First we chatted online, then we talked on the phone for months, and now I want to meet her. But every time I arrange a date, she's always busy or something comes up at the last minute. I'm beginning to think that things might not be the way she says. Should I take her hesitation as bashfulness, or is this woman just virtual reality?

W.W. Love

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