Lt. Gov. Kottkamp Loves Kenny Loggins and Lobbyists, Hates Taxpayers

Lt. Gov. Steve Kottkamp has made such a joke out of his job that some people are seriously wondering if we really need a lieutenant governor. Even though he "works" in Tallahassee, he lives in Fort Myers -- and billed taxpayers for his transportation between the two places. He ended up having to reimburse the state $6,600, so you'd think for finanical and public image reasons, he'd be a bit more cautious about his travel habits.

Well, the St. Pete Times found out what Kottkamp was doing this weekend: attending a Kenny Loggins concert in Peachtree, GA, with a lobbyist and his family. You can't make these things up. 

Of course, he travelled to the concert in a state-owned vehicle driven by an FHP officer. The cost falls to the taxpayers. We'll also be picking up the $106 tab for the trooper's hotel room. 

In the big picture, it's small peanuts, sure. But this guy is so politically tone deaf it's almost frustrating. I mean, besides the travel expenses, being so friendly with a lobbyist should raise a few eyebrows. Never mind the fact that Kenny "Footloose/Danger Zone" Loggins was involved. 

We can only hope Charlie Crist's Senate plans don't involve resigning early. 


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