Local 10's Rummage Sale
video capture of Local 10's new set.

Local 10's Rummage Sale

New Times will be losing one of its closest, in geographic terms that is, media neighbors as WPLG Local 10 is preparing to ditch its Biscayne Blvd studios for a new digs in Pembroke Pines. Which leaves the main offices of the local affiliates of the big four networks equally divided between Broward and Dade.

They're even proudly showing off photos of their shiny new studio online. Their news broadcasts are expted to start broadcasting from Broward begining March 28th.

Sadly, not every desk, microphone, and editing board will be making the move. They'll be holding a sell-off auction May 1st at their old Miami HQ.

[via SFLTV]


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