Linda Robertson Canonizes Uncle Luke

The last time we wrote about Miami Herald sports columnist Linda Robertson, we ribbed on her for being duped by a couple of Broward guys pretending to be real Russian basketball fans. But this time, we gotta give her props for penning a well researched piece on New Times columnist Luther Campbell. She gets an inside look at how 2 Live Crew's former front man has grown into a pretty damn good role model for the kids playing football for our favorite Miami-Dade high school team, the Central Rockets, where Campbell is the linebackers coach.

While Campbell remains a polarizing figure with his acidic columns for us, there is no doubt he has a lot of love for the young men coming out of Liberty City, the poor, violent neighborhood where he grew up. Robertson does a fantastic job justaxposing Uncle Luke's raunchy past to his present career mentoring teenage boys on and off the field.


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