Letters from the issue of September 9, 2010

True Blue

Stand tall: Officer Frank Adams is an honorable and honest man for exposing abuse in the Miami-Dade Police Department, and the community and department should be proud of him ("Blue Beatdown," Gus Garcia-Roberts, September 2). I'm sure there are many, many officers just as honest as Adams, and I hope his courage will give them the strength to do the right thing. Watch your back and God bless you.



Miami-Dade Police

Late whistle: I would like to know why this guy Frank Adams did not stop these actions from happening. This was wrong and he did not act. To all the men and women of law enforcement: Keep looking up, and thank you for keeping us safe.

Lana Gaf

Black and blue: This is exactly why the black community has no trust in the police department. These lawless officers need to be fired and prosecuted by the State Attorney's Office.


Looking up: Officer Adams, I'm a 20-something who has totally lost faith in the American people. Thank you for having the courage to do what's right. I admire your strength. Thank you.


Got your back: One thing is true about all police officers: Even if they act honorably, they will always cover up for each other. This is a sickening abuse of power.


Helping Haiti

Move aside: I agree with Luke that Wyclef Jean can save Haiti and that Sean Penn needs to step off ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, September 2). Wyclef has been helping Haiti since forever. Penn began helping after the earthquake and thinks he can down Wyclef and speak bad about him.


Step up: Like him or not, Sean Penn has gotten his hands dirty and has put his money where his mouth is. I think both he and Wyclef Jean are sincere people who are genuinely trying to help. If you have a problem with anyone, it should be with Haiti's election commission. They are the ones who denied Jean his ability to run. To blame that on Sean Penn is a big stretch at best, and absurd at worst.


People power: Great column. I wish we lived in a world where we look up to the government and rely on it to help our countries move forward. Unfortunately, that's never the case. Wyclef, on the other hand, can show that the people are the real deal when it comes to making things happen!

Robert William

Rules of the game: If Haiti had the same constitution as the United States, Wyclef Jean would still not be allowed to run for president. In the States, not only do you have to be born here, but also you have to have lived here for at least 14 years. Wyclef left Haiti when he was 9 years old. How can you honestly expect anyone to be an effective president of a country that they left when they were barely old enough to remember anything about living there?


Dump Luke: Speaking of losers, in the absence of any meaningful reporting from the Miami Herald, why does New Times continue to waste ink and paper on this trite, simplistic, wrong-headed opinion column?

Tom Chamberlin

Go home: What Wyclef Jean should do if he really wants to be president is to move back to Haiti for the next five years, learn the history and culture, learn about the people and their needs, learn their language, feel what they are feeling, grow with the people, and then consider whether he is capable of being their president.



Permitting waste: I can't believe the city attorney wasted her time investigating whether Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff's legal office has the proper permits ("Building the Case," Francisco Alvarado, September 2). What a joke. Whistleblower John El-Masry is a cry-baby, and I'm glad his club can't be open past 3 a.m. Only losers and drunks are out past that hour, and I'm glad they're off the streets.


Hot air: With all the problems we're facing in this state and country, this is what we have to read about? No wonder qualified, intelligent people such as Sarnoff hesitate to run for politics today. It's become a joke when men of questionable character can influence the city attorney over something so meaningless. Sad.

B. Silverman

About LeBron

Moving time: The day Hialeah is the "true heart of Miami," I'm getting the fuck out of here ("LeHuh?" Gus Garcia-Roberts, September 2).



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