Letters from the Issue of September 4, 2008

Nice Job, Business Boys

Diamonds are a newspaper's best friend: Although I think the purpose of Brantley Hargrove's August 28 story, "Blood Diamonds," was to shine a light on a little-known and often-successful crime, I couldn't help laughing at the brutal hypocrisy throughout the story's five pages. It seems that even when someone attempts to protect the innocent, good ol' American greed rears its ugly mug to stamp John Q. Everyman back down into his hole of indentured servitude. I'm referring to the fact that there are three "sell us your gold and jewels" ads splashed on what is otherwise a righteous page.

As a fellow writer, I know we have no control over such things. But the blatant, probably coincidental irony of pagination was too much to handle. As you read this, some foreign national illegally residing in the area is at his wit's end. He's frothing at the mouth, itching for another hit of crystal meth or a Big Mac. You, my friends, have given him the method, the target, and the confidence to know that our broken law enforcement will never catch him.


blood diamonds

Maybe these crazed South Americans are simply shit-twisted backward from childhoods of dodging bullets and finding cocaine mixed into the sugar bowl. I'm not one to speculate, but I can say kudos. The article showed the world that no matter how batshit crazy things get, our own lust for the good life will keep the planet spinning on its axis.

Zachary S. Fagenson

Palm Beach

Salvia Made the Streetlights Glow

Guy needs a flashlight: In response to "Save Me" by Ida Nolikit (August 28): I am one of the people who was pissed to hear that salvia would be placed as a Schedule I drug. When I took it, I never saw things that weren't there. I did feel sensations that were unique. In the downhill part of the trip, I felt enlightened and more appreciative of things in my surroundings. One of my favorite things to do was ride shotgun with a friend and just have him drive at night down any busy street with streetlights as I hit my pipe packed with salvia. That was pretty intense, but I felt like I could let myself drift off.



Corona Deserves a Crown

But he got the heave-ho: Tim Elfrink's "Take This Corona. Please." (August 21) makes me think this goody-two-shoes Abby Cynamon must be advertising or giving someone money in your one-sided newspaper. Poor girl — she broke her leg and has had such a terrible life! Give me a break!

"He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone."

Ricardo Corona was never charged with any crime, and he cannot be responsible for his family's actions. His brother did the crime and he did the time — case closed. Corona has my vote!

Vivian Santoyo


No judgeship for him: I don't know much about Mr. Corona, but your article was very informative. I heard he was a decent guy, but that's not going to make him, or anyone, an exceptional judge.



Call Nabokov

Lolita is trapped!: Gus Garcia-Roberts's "Whale of a Bad Time" (August 21) inspired me to make this appeal: Please help free Lolita the orca whale from the place where she is being held. It is inhumane to keep such a beautiful creature in these conditions. Please help get her out of there and into a more natural place where she can live her life.

Pearl Millard

London, United Kingdom

We Have a Weiner

Miami New Times dominated the recent South Florida Black Journalists Association contest. Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik took first for Pretty in the City as best blog. Chuck Strouse got first in commentary for "Reporter on the Lam." Isaiah Thompson won in sports for "Grady and the Champ," Janine Zeitlin in international reporting for a story about Haitian refugees, and Tamara Lush in feature reporting for a story about vodou.


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