Letters from the issue of September 23, 2010

Torture Garden

Thug central: Thank you for your guide to dictators, warlords, and torturers who have called South Florida home ("South Florida Living, Butcher Style," Tim Elfrink, September 16). No one wanted to believe that Miami is the preferred hangout for the deposed dictators of Latin America.

Roy Cogburn


Latin American dictators

Two to tango: Does this mean we'll soon have Daniel Ortega living in Miami? What about Hugo Chávez? Him too?


Book a bunk: The way things keep collapsing down in Cuba, the next Latin dictators to check in to South Beach: the Castro brothers.

Andy Grana

T-shirt test: You f***ed up what could have been a good article, with comments about "building a library for George W. Bush" as if he was another dictator. Dick Cheney "terrifying"? Apart from the hunting accident, he hasn't killed anyone. And finally, one last idiotic comment: "Strap on a Che T-shirt and head to Versailles on Calle Ocho. If you make it back with both kneecaps intact and feel lucid enough to recall the encounter, give us a call." Why don't you walk with a Hitler T-shirt through a Jewish neighborhood and see if you make it intact?


Swaggering bark: This could have been a good article. The topic is a worthy one, and the writer did make an effort to research it. The problem for me is when a journalist's personality overwhelms the prose. Take away what I perceive to be the swaggering bark of an inexperienced writer, and I think there could be a good journalist there waiting to mature.


Leaning left: The political inclinations in this piece are painfully obvious, and omitting them would have resulted in a more direct, concise, and fact-oriented article illustrating the type of corruption for which Miami is known. Nevertheless, great article!


Sister Act

Their highnesses: Thank you for speaking the truth about Venus and Serena Williams ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, September 16). The Williams sisters are sports royalty and should be treated with the same care as their counterparts.


Looks count: This isn't racism. Those women getting more endorsements are simply better-looking to the general public. They are more feminine and have more gentle features than the Williams sisters. This is simply what generates a better image for the company.


Manly girls: The Williamses are not suffering from racism; they are suffering from the age-old factor of sex appeal, which they both lack. Guess what? Unattractive, mannish women do not get as many ad dollars. That is reality.


Living legends: You are way off base on this, Uncle Luke. Having traveled the world, I see the respect the Williams sisters, their family, and their entourage get. Even in America. Name a female athlete in history who has made more money than Serena. She's the queen, and well deserved. Both of them are already legends. Why tarnish it with your article?

Norman Canter

Bull's-eye!: You hit the target with this article. I just hope someone discovers more talent like the Williams sisters in America to show people that blacks may be few in number but represent big.


Show your credentials: What a pathetic excuse for a journalist. Always gotta bring in the old race card, taking on the poor-me victim mentality, like we still live in the '50s. Get over it. The Williams sisters don't get the endorsements because they simply are not marketable, not because they are black. Can't you simply accept the fact that if someone is black and isn't number one that it could possibly be because of something other than skin color?


Home Sweet Homes

Told you so: Regarding your article about Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff gaming the mortgage system ("Home Game," Francisco Alvarado, September 16). In 2004, when I told Mr. Sarnoff he was an unethical and immoral liar, cheat, thief, and hypocrite who violated the oath he took to protect us against the very abuses that he and his crooked cronies are engaged in, he got angry and defensive, denying it all. What sayeth you now, scumbag?

Dean Corso


Lee Klein's September 16 review of Zuma Contemporary Japanese Cuisine, "And Zen Some," misspelled the pastry chef's name. It's Gaby Galindo.


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