Letters from the issue of September 2, 2010

Tales from the Crypt

Final nail in the casket: If Funeraria Latina Nacional has had all of these complaints and litigations against it for so long, why is it still in business ("Vault of Horror," Francisco Alvarado and Robert Dunlap, August 26)? What a horrible thing for people to have to deal with when they are already suffering! If owner Rafaiy Alkhalifa chooses to give people cheaper rates, the quality of his work should still be exemplary. They need to just shut that place down, take away his license forever, and help those poor families with the mess they have had to deal with. Thank you for this timely, insightful story.



Funeraria Latina Nacional

Flag-waving: Why is Alkhalifa still running a funeral business when in reality he should be paying for all the damage that he has caused to lots of families? I think everyone, especially Hispanics, should realize this man uses a Cuban flag to show that he cares, when in fact he uses the flag to just get business.

Rafael Torres

Payola: Who paid for the article? The competition trying to take him out of business? A dissatisfied former employee? I wonder what other cases have happened in all the funeral homes the article does not mention.

Juan A. Rodriguez

No Gospel Truth

Blind allegiance: Luke, I have to agree with you in part ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, August 26). I am a Cuban-American, and it's true that Hispanics vote for Hispanics, sometimes without really looking at their background. And there is no point in trying to protect corrupt politicians because of ethnicity. Miami is full of them. However, aggression needs to be met with aggression, but don't shoot first and ask questions later.


The C-word: Comparing Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado to Fidel Castro is just plain ignorant. Reconsider it. And a word of advice: Don't abuse the race card — it's a cheap way to dish out a shocking article.


Equal protection: Thanks for writing what sorely needed to be said. What many Hispanics fail to realize is that since the reign of Regalado and Police Chief Miguel Exposito, public safety, which is their number one responsibility, has suffered a steep decline. The team of Cuban-born Mayor Manny Diaz and gringo Police Chief John Timoney did a much better job of it. The residents of Overtown, Liberty City, and Little Haiti deserve as much protection as those who live in any other neighborhood in Miami.

Donna Shelley

Sophomoric: You're making a pathetic argument. Do your readers justice and write a real article, not some emotionally fueled essay a teenager would write. I would prefer knowing that the cop serving my neighborhood will defend me and my family, rather than worry if he's politically correct.


Stop whining: I'm so tired of Luke trying to sound intelligent, only to end up sounding like the racist that he claims every one else to be. Do you really expect police not to shoot at someone who is threatening them? I'd like to see you go patrol these streets. Cops risk their lives every day to keep us safe, yet you still can't appreciate that. Get over it.


Fallowed Grounds

Change the team: Typical of Miami politics — point the finger when a new park falls into disrepair ("South Pointe Disgrace," Tim Elfrink, August 26). Just fix the damn park and stop squandering funds on meaningless things. I say the entire city staff ought to be replaced with people who have knowledge of city planning and know how to run a city. We need more engineers, scientists, urban planners, and architects. Keep the lawyers in the courthouses!


The Right Spice

Worth the trip: I want to thank Lee Klein for his article ("Best of Miami Spice 2010," August 12). My husband and I wanted to make the most of our date night because we have two small children and don't get to eat out much. We knew we wanted to try one of the Miami Spice restaurants but weren't sure which one. We were going to pick a nearby one at random, but luckily I read Lee's article.  I had forgotten that some restaurants consider Miami Spice month just a time to give away their dullest dishes. Lee reminded me there are some restaurants that "pull out all the stops, hoping to impress new customers." After reading the article, we chose one of his suggestions, Chef Allen's, even though it is in Aventura and we're in Kendall. We hope to go back soon now that we know the long drive is certainly worth it. So thanks again, Lee, for your advice.

Karen Figueiredo


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