Letters from the issue of September 16, 2010

Childhood's End

Death wish: The story of children coping with violence in Juárez, Mexico, is excellent, but I wish it were fictional and not the reality of what is happening along our border ("Innocence Lost," Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, September 9). In any case, the writing is of prize-winning quality. There's something very terminal, like a disease, about the Mexican drug industry that creates a culture of death, all fed by U.S. drug money and our gun stores.

Jay B.



Getting to the root: Excellent all-around article. I really appreciate how it addresses the lack of viable employment opportunity as a reason for people turning to narcotrafficking, the practical long-term effects of NAFTA, and the escalation of violence that has accompanied government intervention, while at the same time sensitively and realistically looking at how this whole horrible situation is playing out for the children of Juárez. We need more of this kind of reporting.


All together: Muchas gracias for a window into this world. I work in Honduras, and with our north coast area essentially operating as a "narco state," I appreciate Friedman-Rudovsky joining the search for solutions. What happens in Mexico affects the countries to both the north and the south. For those of us in the United States, it's important to understand this is our problem too. I look forward to more articles like this one.

Eve Horowitz

Need more: Excellent piece by Friedman-Rudovsky. I spend a lot of time along the Texas/Mexico border, and she has nailed her story. Would like to hear more about these sad issues.

Norman Glickman

Recall on Marc

Signing on: Wow, where do I sign the recall petition ("Recall Marc Sarnoff," Francisco Alvarado, September 9)? That guy is corrupt as hell and has no place in politics!

Bill Stanley

Buddy system: Miami city commissioners refuse to honor employee contracts and break them, but then honor their CRA buddies' contracts and keep them. Thank God New Times exists. The Herald prints only what these corrupt politicians tell them to print.


Truth and consequences: I think it is ridiculous how much these city commissioners get away with. There is so much proof of how corrupt they are, but the commissioners and mayor will keep doing these types of things unless they see there are consequences for their actions.

Concerned City Resident

Zero Logic

No rhyme or reason: I think your comments opposing a mosque at Ground Zero show your complete lack of education and understanding ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, September 9). Stick to making bad music, and leave politics to people who have some knowledge of international relations.

Mark Unterberg

Panic peddling: As one whose family member died in the World Trade Center, I think your words are hateful and dishonor those who died. What's the difference where the Islamic center (it's a community center) is located? Those folks have no more to do with the 9/11 destruction than you do with segregating schools in the South. Instead of stirring people up with negativity, do something worthwhile and peace-promoting with your life.

Dianne Hudder

Liberal pansies: That was a wonderful article of the kind the American press does not usually publish. Keep them coming, and keep the weak liberals angry. They want to give our country to foreigners. What they don't know is that the day these foreigners become the new majority, them white liberals will be kicked out of here.


Dumb: Congratulations, New Times. In Luther Campbell you have found the African-American equivalent of Ann Coulter. Just what we need — another clueless, hate-mongering bigot. All I can say is I am glad his ideology is limited to the occasional piece in this paper and that he doesn't hold any kind of public office. I thought the Teabaggers and their ilk were scary enough, but Campbell is putting them to shame.


False Alarm

Dumber: Your article listing documents that should be burned is not cute, but rather trite and venal ("Pass the Zippo," Gus Garcia-Roberts, September 9). It's a poor counterpoint to the fascist garbage pecked out by your moronic has-been rapper.

Tom Chamberlin

No joke: Your attempts at sarcasm are both heavy-handed and derivative. Stick to local news blurbs.


One more: Burn New Times.

Lloyd Smart


The April 29 article "No Melody to the Lyric" incorrectly stated that no construction had been completed in five years on the Lyric Theater renovation and expansion. In fact, two stories of the new structure had been built.


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