Letters from the Issue of October 30, 2008

The Brothers Are Grim

Lincoln shoulda stayed home: I read with great interest Francisco Alvarado's October 23 story "Dead Weight," regarding the Diaz-Balart brothers. I am of Cuban descent and very proud of my heritage, but I differ greatly with the brothers' position on immigration, whether it be Cuban or Central American. For too many years, we have listened to Lincoln's position that everyone coming from Cuba is a patriot, political refugee, etc.; we know that is not the case.

Many of the issues we have in South Florida stem from rampant, unchecked immigration. Our schools, highways, and neighborhoods are filled to the brim, which is something Lincoln does not seem to comprehend.


Lincoln Diaz-Balart

It is interesting to note that many of those same Central American immigrants whom Lincoln championed 10 years ago will likely be voting against him come Election Day. If Lincoln would have focused on the needs of his constituents instead of the needs of outsiders, he might not be facing the challenge he is today.

He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.



Mario too: Wow, finally someone wrote what we all have been waiting for. I agree and believe that the right-wing politics of Miami are living their last days. Joe Garcia, what a great candidate! I am glad the "other" half of Miami is going to be recognized for once.

Joe cares about South Florida. He also knocked on my door. He asked me what my issues were. He took the time to walk my neighborhood and see the effects of Republican policies: houses for sale or foreclosed. I am counting the days till Mario Diaz-Balart is out!



Sara's Up and Down

A bit o' everything: Thanks for reviewing Sara's in "Vegetarian, Kosher, and Cheap" (Lee Klein, October 23). Indeed the restaurant is not perfect, but for vegetarians it can be a dream come true. Sara's Italian dishes actually aren't bad (big, cheesy plates of lasagna), and the Abie Loko Fries (basically loaded nachos but with curly fries instead of chips) rock too. The selection is mind-boggling, so it's a great place when you don't know what you're in the mood for.



This comment is not kosher: I love the energy of this place, but it has to be one of the dirtiest restaurants around. And the servers are not surly because of the customers; they are just a surly bunch. Sadly, just because you are kosher doesn't somehow make you cleaner.

Mary Fisher


City Leeches

Free-weekly scum-suckers: Tim Elfrink's October 23 story "The Art of War" needs a retraction. Yes, I sustained brain damage in 1963 in the Army, but not in Vietnam, and I'm not Rambo at the age of 66. I'm going to kick the City of Miami's f**kin' ass in a court of law because my art is on an easement, and the cowards placed code violations on my home.

There is a difference between an easement and private property. The art galleries in the Grove thought I would put them out of business, so they complained to code enforcement; my neighbors enjoy the art. There aren't six patio tables in my front yard; there are three, and they've been there for years.

Elfrink got my personality and mood correct. They linger from a sordid past; I'm now civilized, practicing art for therapy to compensate for the injury suffered while serving in the Army. Then along comes a bunch of cowardly, prejudiced transplants who do not understand our constitutional freedoms and behave like a pack of dogs attacking easy prey. They are parasitic, blood-sucking leeches.

Eugene J. Steppe

Coconut Grove

Not So Fast, Lane

Mikey is sincere: Michael the Black Man, described in Gus Garcia-Roberts's October 16 story "Obama Tried to Kill Me," is bought and paid for. I will always believe he was compensated to disrupt the Obama rally at the University of Miami. He can afford the Mercedes because he has sold out. It is okay to disagree, but to be a part of politics for sale is unacceptable. Everyone should turn their backs on him.


Macon, Georgia


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