Letters from the Issue of October 29, 2009

Die, Puppy Scum!

Vick is scum: In response to "Dog Fight" (Michael J. Mooney, October 22): I have no respect for those who abuse and exploit animals. The practice of animal fighting is a disgusting, barbaric thing. People who like this so-called sport are from the lowest strata of society; they have low IQs and manners. Those who are found guilty should be given long prison sentences and tortured the same way these poor animals were tortured. Michael Vick might be a great football player, but as a human being, he's a low-life and should have been sentenced to many years in prison and never again allowed to play football. People like him don't deserve a second chance because their victims didn't get second chances!






People are scum: Obviously it is the two-legged animal that should be hooked up to that killing machine. How did the "human" race get so sick?




Cops are scum: The reason cops have cracked only one dogfighting case in three years is that the Miami-Dade Police force spends much of its time pandering to the whims of animal control and terrorizing innocent families and their family pets. Officers would do a far better job going after dogfighters running illegal gambling, drugs, etc. Those scumbags are armed and dangerous, which is probably why cops prefer the soft targets.

Selwyn Marock


Johannesburg, South Africa

Hey, what do you know?: This story includes the typical suspects; it is nothing surprising. Animal abusers are the most disgusting form of scum on the planet, and they should all be tortured the same way they torture poor animals.




Lighten up, dudes: The jury was deadlocked, which means there wasn't enough evidence to convict the men for dogfighting. Were they simply dog owners? I don't know, but isn't that what the justice system is for?

I dislike the overreaction of people who think dogfighting is the worst thing possible and that those who engage in it are scum. Dogfighting has a long legal history.

Hear this: Dogs are no different from any other animal. It's just that at this point in time, some of us want to bestow human status on them. In several countries, dogs are on the menu, just like cows and chicken.

If you are not a vegetarian, shut the hell up.

David Mc

Fort Lauderdale


Scum again?: Dogfighting is sick and cruel. But you absolutely cannot electrocute dogs or any living thing with an arc welder, which was found in one of the suspects' homes. And the people who say animal tormentors are the worst scum on the planet and deserve to be tortured, etc., are scary and likely also dangerous people. That sentiment is dangerous and extraordinarily stupid. What about child molesters and murderers? They are far, far worse. PETA and these so-called animal rights morons can go pound sand. Nobody wants animals tortured and killed in "fights" for sport, but keep it in perspective while you watch your brain-melting sitcoms and your liberal pabulum socialist media and sip your latte and recoil in smug politically correct horror at the thought of a McChicken because you "feel bad" for the chicken. Get a life. Go help starving children or shut the f*** up.


Victoria, British Columbia


Animal philosophy: I'll break it down for you: Wolves didn't ask to be domesticated; humans made that choice for them. Dogs have been bred to be completely dependent on humans. We took on that responsibility. That is why a community polices how animals are treated. And for those who cry racism, how utterly ridiculous. Dogfighting is taking place in minority communities. Instead of members of these communities rallying around these brutish thugs, they ought to look inward and try to see why this sort of disturbing behavior is being bred within their culture. Why is the torture of a helpless animal something that gives a number of members of their community such pleasure? They should be embarrassed rather than circling the wagons. Oh well, it is always easier to claim victimhood, I guess.


Coral Gables


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