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Letters from the Issue of October 26, 2006

Maybe it wasn't covered in the CliffsNotes: Regarding Daniel Renzi's review of the GableStage production of Fahrenheit 451, "Burn, Baby, Burn" (October 19): I'm afraid Mr. Renzi hasn't read Fahrenheit 451 the novel. If he had, he would have known that the Mechanical Hound (which his review calls a "wolf") is an integral part of the story.

Phil Nichols
Rowley Regis, United Kingdom

Holding Court


"Burn, Baby, Burn"

Judge the judges: After the way Emily Witt skewered some immigration judges with their own words ("Mock Trial," October 19), my fear is that more of those judges will close their courtrooms to the public instead of inviting the public to witness the process. Though I agree with Barbara Kamali that "most judges are fair and respectful to immigrants," I also concur with Tammy Fox-Isicoff that there needs to be a procedure "where a complaint against an immigration judge is really investigated...."

I followed the Ray and Kolner v. Montante matter intimately — to its unfortunate conclusion: Michael Ray being disciplined by the Florida Bar as a result of a complaint from a vengeful judge no longer in Miami. And with noncriminal clients being detained outside the courtrooms upon arrival for their first asylum hearings, the system has become even more troubling.

Jonathan P. Rose

There but for the grace of God ...: Thank you to Emily Witt for writing "Mock Trial." When I read the article, and the story of Awad, my eyes filled with tears. Ms. Witt wrote the story of a million people who are facing the danger of the Ethiopian government. I was one of them, and thanks to America, I am finally free from persecution. Thank you, Ms. Witt, for being a voice for the voiceless. God bless America.

Name withheld by request
Eagan, Minnesota

No Joke

Watch those references: Regarding Francisco Alvarado's "The Aviators" (October 12): I think and I hope that when Mr. Alvarado wrote, "the former Israeli Air Force pilot looks like he's flying a sortie over southern Lebanon," he didn't realize he was referring to a very tragic war this past summer that pointlessly cost more than 1000 people their lives. A comment like that makes light of the many atrocities committed there.

I hope that in the future, Mr. Alvarado will be as sensitive to the issues surrounding the war in Lebanon as he would be to the issues surrounding the Holocaust. To me his quote is as inappropriate as writing "the German doctor looks like he is conducting an experiment at a concentration camp."

Boris Morales

Odd Job Nice work if you can get it: Rob Jordan's "Blight Fight" (September 14) was an excellent story. I am astounded that the City of Miami would pay someone who appears to be so unqualified $135,000 per year.

Peter Ehrlich

Say Cheese!

Yes, it's from Georgia: I just received a copy of Lee Klein's "Nifty Fifty" (August 17) from Chef Nestor Gomez. We thank Mr. Klein so much for the kind words about our cheeses. We own and operate a very small family dairy and cheese-making business and take a lot of pride in our high quality of milk and passion for keeping the artisan traditions of Old World-style cheeses. Yes, we definitely get the "Cheese from Georgia?" question quite a bit, but we are pretty lucky to be in the area because it never snows, and we can pasture our animals every day of the year. Plus land is really cheap here, so we can afford enough acres to not crowd the cows and goats. I just wanted to say thanks, and if Mr. Klein is ever in South Georgia for any reason, we invite him to come meet the animals and eat plenty of cheese.

Jessica W. Little
Sweet Grass Dairy
Thomasville, Georgia

Gracias, Amigo

You like us! You really like us!: Thank you so much to Abel Folgar for writing the great article about Exit 13 ("Live Wire," August 17). He has inspired my band to continue in a good direction. My reaction to seeing the band's name in New Times was short of panic ... in a good way. To top it off, he wrote a good review about our performance. Wow.

Hope to see some more articles about us in the future.

Jason Hidalgo-Gato

Strange Bedfellows

Politics and food don't mix: I am neither a food critic nor connoisseur. However, I do appreciate Lee Klein's restaurant reviews and believe he is very good at them. He is a straight shooter, and I respect his comments. Pamela Robin Brandt is also very good.

I do not feel the same about Bill Citara. Mr. Citara brings in metaphors, similes and analogies that leave me bewildered as to their relevance to the matter at hand. His political references leave me wondering if he is somehow blaming the politicians for what he considers the sorry state of a restaurant. Politicians can be blamed for many things, but I do not think local restaurants are among them. I have removed this casserole of restaurants and politics from my menu.

Charles R. Jones


"Freedom for Sale, Part 1" (October 19) incorrectly repor-ted that Israel Perez Jr. had an office at the Gables International Plaza in 1993. He did not move there until sometime between 2003 and 2006. New Times regrets the error.


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