Letters from the Issue of October 23, 2008

Bare-Naked Surprise

Big spender: Jonathan Cunningham's October 16 story "Strip Club Stardom" is interesting. I had no idea this was going on in these places. Thanks for sharing. Now, Mr. Cunningham, please tell the truth. How much money did you have to spend on cover, parking, drinks, and mileage for this article? I'm impressed with the variety of DJs and strip clubs you included.

Orchid, Baltimore, Maryland


hip-hop fame at strip clubs

Big writer: "Strip Club Stardom" was interesting stuff. Bottom line: Sex sells! If you can get in where you fit in, why not? If strippers are eager to "drop it like it's hot" to a slamming beat that makes them turn on the clientele and get paid, why wouldn't a wannabe-known rapper go that route? It is what it is. We're all out here tryin' to get paid, right? Hats off to the writer, who had me clearly envisioning the scenes as if I were a patron — or dancer — at all the clubs he detailed!

Dory, Detroit, Michigan

Big journalism: Nicely done! Any story that involves strippers and hip-hop that's not derogatory but informative is cool with me.

Etney R., via web commentary

Big cash: This is my kind of story, a really good read. The part about Flo Rida and the money being swept up with push brooms is so hip-hop it's ridiculous.

Max, Fort Lauderdale

The Law Allows Just About Anything

These days: Natalie O'Neill's October 16 article "Gay? No Way!" got it wrong. Federal courts have recently ruled that the Constitution does not guarantee people the right to live where they choose. So, just as a city, county, and state can prohibit someone from living somewhere, I as a private actor can deny anyone residency.

If I were the president or on the board of Tower 41 Condominium Association, I would strongly argue that the Fair Housing Act of 1968 is feckless. So, if persons do not have the right to live where they choose, please tell me what right has been violated?

Susi, Miami Beach

Panting About Panties

And police mischief: It seems the matter described in Natalie O'Neill's October 9 story "The Panty Thief" was not properly investigated.

I have the following questions/comments:

1. Why wasn't the accused pervert taken off front-line duties when this matter was reported to the Barry University public safety department heads?

2. It looks like the higherups were covering for the accused pervert.

3. Why was the accused fired?

And last but not least:

4. Why did the Barry public safety department director and two of his lieutenants resign?

I believe that terminating a person for speaking the truth in the 21st Century is crazy as can be. The whistleblower's name wasn't even on the police report for harassing a guard. Something is not right.

Jose, Dallas, Texas

Black Mark

Against Mikey: After reading Gus Garcia-Roberts's September 25 story "Black Against Obama," I have this message for Michael the Black Man: You should be embarrassed. Your actions are totally unsolicited and reflect an ignorance you'll never see until you step back and finally look at yourself. And you have the nerve to recruit others and have them think the way you're thinking? Instead of calling individuals Uncle Tom, get your lame ass out and vote, for or against. There's no need to make a spectacle of yourself and bring shame to the name of the Holy Father through your past ties with the Nation of Yahweh. You misrepresent the teachings of our Nation. Get out and vote, or sleep in your car!

Marc, Inglewood, California

First in the Nation

Miami New Times' food critic Lee Klein was honored this past weekend by the Association of Food Journalists, which named his work best restaurant criticism of 2008. Klein's work topped that of reviewers from the Dallas Morning News, which came in second place, and the Washington Post, which garnered third.



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