Letters from the Issue of October 16, 2008

Panty Scum

Keep your daughter away from security: I read Natalie O'Neill's October 9 article "The Panty Thief" this morning, and I was shocked about the perverted crap and behavior of the panty sniffer. First of all, thank you to Lindel Thomas and whoever else helped bring these people to justice. I was thinking about letting my daughter enroll at Barry University but have changed my mind big time. I am a highly professional woman, and I will also make sure all of my friends and colleagues get this article. There should be more investigation into this matter, and I hope the ones who are in charge of the university take this seriously into consideration. Young women and men attend this school, and to protect them, you want honest, dedicated employees.



panty thief


Cliché patrol — you're busted: So the elites are having to deal with kink and crime and racism like the rest of us, huh? Awwww, poor little rich kids. How quaint that their panties are all in a wad over this. Or should I say, too bad they got their knickers in a twist over this?

Nancy Denley


Inappropriate is right, bucko: This is so sad. It's unfortunate that an incident like this happened at such a prestigious university. I was going to attend this school, but a friend of mine said to forget about it because the place is full of inappropriate conduct.



Good and Bad on Wheels

Sweet memory: After reading Amy Guthrie's October 9 cover story, "Roller Jam," I recalled the Coral Springs skating rink in the Eighties. It was the place to be. How fun was that! The freestyle music never gets old. This is a piece of South Florida we can call our own, unique nostalgia. Great article!


Boca Raton

Sour choice: Five pages about roller skating? My God, you would have thought this was something important, like something to do with the economy. How local is this paper? It reminds me of my dad's hometown of only 2,000 people.


Via Web Commentary

Dog of a Story

A sign of corruption: Natalie O'Neill's October 2 story "Cavort with Canines" helped me understand why we do not have money for anything else to improve our city. I cannot believe that we find a government employee having sex with an animal and all we can do is suspend the sick bastard and reward him by letting him stay home and use the taxpayers' money for his salary. He should have been arrested for indecent exposure. That is why this town is going to hell.



Criminy! A criminal!: Is it really that strange to investigate this crime as a rape since no one actually witnessed the act? The officer was correct to proceed as he did. If the evidence permits, the DA's office would also be correct in prosecuting the rapist by charging him with whatever crimes would fit this type of behavior.


Via Web Commentary

Mule buggery! Nice!: This guy is a pervert. I hope he gets fired from his job without pay, arrested and/or charged with a crime, and then raped by a mule.



Bad Bombs

They didn't work: Regarding Tim Elfrink's September 25 story "Freedom Fight": What good does bombing Mexican and Venezuelan consulates do? Last I checked, the Castros were still in power. I don't see how bombing on U.S. soil — killing innocent Americans — does anything to injure Castro, let alone scare him. Keep this terrorist Eduardo Arocena in jail and off the streets. If he were a Muslim, the Cuban-Americans would be dying to keep him locked up.


Via web commentary


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