Don't Trust the Commies

Letters from the Issue of October 12, 2006

They don't respect corpses: In reference to Carlos Suarez De Jesus's article "Body Count" (October 5): It's great to learn that Premier Exhibitions has been assured by the Chinese that the bodies were legally obtained, but what does this assurance mean? China is a dictatorship, a communist one, which does not exactly make it a nation of law in our sense of the word. Of course, Premier paid $25 million for the rental of the bodies, and it needs to recoup its investment.

I accuse Premier Exhibitions of being astonishingly and conveniently naive about China. I accuse Premier Exhibitions of trying to make money out of bodies of questionable origins — even if it is legal in China. I accuse Premier Exhibitions of violating human dignity in doing so. Let the bodies of the deceased be treated with dignity in honor of the souls they once contained.


"Body Count"

What about the interests of the poor souls whose bodies were legally obtained in a nation that is almost lawless? Check out my Website,, for more information. Stand up for human rights and human dignity.

Aaron Ginsburg
Sharon, Massachusetts

Flattery Will Get You

Everywhere! Are you joking? Did Carlos Suarez De Jesus really review a series of strip clubs in a place where you should have been reviewing local theater ("Heedless in the Topless City," October 5)? Shame on you!

I can immediately think of at least five local theaters that should have had their work reviewed in that place. These theaters need you to review them. Their incomes, livelihoods, and successes are directly related to your coverage. Despite the fact that your reviews are less than brilliant or insightful, they at least inform the public of the work being produced locally. Please do your job and review what's going on in the theaters throughout the community, not on the current state of strip clubs in Miami.

Matthew Glass
Fort Lauderdale

Editor's note: Capsule reviews for three local shows appear in this week's issue on page 48. As the theater season heats up, we will include regular reviews. And who knows? There might be more strip clubs too.

Uh-unh, Boyfriend

She's no girlfriend: "Marking Time" (October 5) is a lovely article, and our band, Baby Calendar, appreciates Mosi Reeves taking the time to talk with us before writing it. But there are a few corrections that need to be made.

We did not go on our first East Coast tour this summer; we have toured extensively throughout the United States several times. This summer we toured nearly the entire U.S. for more than three months. Also, we sent in the photo credit to be printed as "photo by Oscar Loo." Sorry, Oscar! And at first the article makes it sound like I am Arik's girlfriend — not true. Hee hee — sorry, Arik!

Jackie Biver
Baby Calendar

Catch the Bad Guys

But don't make it easy: I read Carlos Suarez De Jesus's "Killer Creativity" (September 28) with great enthusiasm. I wanted to see the sketch of the suspect done by the artist Jorge Molina, which was mentioned in the article. Odd thing is, I tried doing a search at the Crime Stoppers site, but no luck there. Funny they should post a picture of the suspect on the highway while people are driving their cars and talking on their cell phones.

I'm very interested in the subject of forensic art, so this article is timely as I'm building an online community of folks who share the same interest. Lots of good info here.

Eileen Russell


You need a lotta stuff to purchase a deadly weapon: Although I was pleased to see New Times covering activities at the Trail Glades Gun Range, I could not help but notice some problems with Calvin Godfrey's article "Run and Gun" (September 21). He states that Miami-Dade County's 41,126 concealed weapons permit holders were not "required to demonstrate any real knowledge of gun use." This is wrong. All applicants for a concealed weapons permit in Florida must provide some of the following in order to receive a license:

• A notarized document from a club, organization, training facility, or certified instructor showing that the individual has completed a course or class or is an experienced competitor.
• A photocopy of your military honorable discharge document or your DD-214.
• A copy of a certificate bearing the name of the organization that sponsored the course.
• A copy of your NRA competitor's classification card or similar documentation.
• A copy of a firearms instructor's certification card or certificate.
• A copy of any NRA firearms training certificate.
• A copy of a certificate or card showing completion of a hunter education or safety course.
• A copy of a license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm issued in Florida.

In addition, the applicant cannot have committed an act of domestic violence or have a substance abuse problem.

On another note, this article mentions an incident at the range where the author observes a malfunction of a Beretta pistol. He claims, "Had he pulled the trigger a second time, the gun would have exploded in his face." This is a preposterous claim. What the author witnessed was no doubt a simple malfunction. The only danger to the operator of the firearm is that his weapon would be inoperable.

Mr. Godfrey does a disservice to both the shooters he spent time with and the Beretta firearms company (which makes top-quality firearms, including the M9 pistol that is in service with U.S. forces in Iraq) by not accurately reporting on these issues. It is even more unfortunate that the author could have easily corrected these mistakes by simply talking to the people who were standing in front of him.

Allan S. Brooks
Miami Beach


The October 5 review of Renaisa Indian Restaurant at 620 NE 78th St. in Miami incorrectly listed the hours. They are Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 11:00 p.m.


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