Letters from the Issue of October 11, 2007

Beefcake Bingo

Aquaman versus Merman: Who knew monofin swimming even existed? "Merman" by Tamara Lush (October 4) is yet another example of a worldwide sports phenomenon to which we Americans are completely oblivious.

However, I have to commend you on your cover photo. It's hot! I'm more than happy to see beefcake make it to the front page of your esteemed publication. Kudos to the photographer. The art direction was on the mark (the aqua color and water foam), the "costume" was regal (awesome fork and crown), and Mr. Armas is a hottie.


monofin swimming

It's a pity you guys didn't show any nipples (it would have augmented the "bare chest" effect) or a Speedo (you know, just to see his powerful legs). I'd love to see a beach brawl between our Merman and Aquaman. Fish and chips, anyone?

Francisco Contreras


A Turncoat Speaks

From afar: In regard to Tamara Lush's "It Flashes, Moos, and Poos" (September 27): I read that the condo market in Miami is sagging, and I have to laugh. I was at the implosion of the old HoJo about two years ago and was solicited for comment by ABC, NBC, and the Miami Herald. I said back then it was sad that Miami was clearing out historical buildings to make way for skyscraper condos for the superrich who are leaving Miami anyway. If the city planning board could pull its head out of its rear for long enough to look at the levels of relative poverty, stagnant wages, unemployment, and white flight, maybe they'd have thought twice before giving the okay to developers for those 80-story monstrosities. This, among many other reasons, is why I got out of the state altogether. Way to go, Miami! Hooray for debt!

Kristen Busold

Via Web Commentary

Taking Lee to Task

A grammarian's rant: I enjoy Lee Klein's reviews. He calls them as he sees them and I appreciate that. However, he does talk over my head. Has he considered compiling a dictionary of more common food terms and printing them next to the column? Even something printed in six-point type would be useful and take up little space.

I do have a problem with his grammar in the October 4 review "The Ethical Burrito." In the first paragraph he writes, "Said burritos went untasted by my wife and I...." You are using the nominative, or subjective, form of a pronoun in a prepositional phrase. The ablative form of the pronoun I is me. If your wife were not involved in this, I do not think you would say "by I." Why does adding another person change the grammar? This is not a singular/plural situation, and I is definitely not the plural of me in any event.

Charles R. Jones

Palmetto Bay

Pay Through the Nostrils

You student swine: Regarding Chuck Strouse's September 27 column, "Pay off Your Loans," the term college kids is a bit condescending. They are adults, and as adults, they will have to learn Economics 101 of the modern world. The universities cannot rely solely on taxes to survive. They must compete to stay afloat. State universities are not immune from market forces and have to adjust accordingly. Also I want to remind you that a college education is not a guarantee under our system of government and that one has options. There are scholarships, corporate sponsorships, the G.I. Bill, and last but not least, which I do not recommend, student loans.

Angel Lazo


Even More Timoney

Unnecessary attack: The article "John Timoney, America's Worst Cop" by Tamara Lush (September 20) is utterly without balance and lacks credibility. The evidence of malfeasance Lush presented is skimpy at best. By my math, Timoney has traveled just more than 30 days per year on official business in the four years he has served Miami. This doesn't strike me as particularly unusual or abusive. Did Ms. Lush try to find out the experience of other departments? Doubt it. This piece is little more than a silly shopping list by a very naive (or cynical) reporter serving up quotes from people with obvious axes to grind and questionable judgment. It is in fact a laughable hack job. What's the point? You owe it to your readers to try harder than this.

Kent Reichert

Via Web Commentary

But on whom?: Our beloved Chief Timoney took credit for capturing Reynaldo Rapalo, when I led them to him. Talk about cooking the books — I met with Rapalo in prison last month, and what he told me confirmed my theories. The Miami PD changed the stop location and moved it two blocks west, just to take all the credit from me, a private investigator who hunted the rapist down. And apparently did it better than his detectives.

I have documents that prove the chief's department altered records and testimony, and committed perjury at his trial. What else should we expect from our beloved Miami Police Department when they have a liar for a leader?

José Carrillo

Via Web Commentary

Italian Peruvian

Eats = Capa's: In response to Lee Klein's September 6 review "Dutch Treat": Taking a journey to South Kendall is not my idea of a culinary adventure. But last night, at the urging of dear friends who lived in the area years ago, I visited a charming little restaurant by the name of Gil Capa's. It's owned and operated by Gil, who is Italian, and Carmen, who is Peruvian, and the tastes blended together in their food are as perfect as they seem to be as a couple.

The restaurant seats about 30 diners and has a perfectly sized menu of about 40 items. Prices are reasonable. The wine list is adequate, with good and reasonably priced Italian and American wines.

After we ate, the Capas sat with us for about an hour after a 30-year-old video of Luciano Pavarotti had finished playing on their 60-inch TV set. They have been in the restaurant business for more than 30 years and at this location since two months prior to Hurricane Andrew, according to Carmen.

It is a wonderful little neighborhood restaurant that would have lines around the block if it were in New York City.

Mark Menachem

Via Web Commentary


In the story "A Cop, a Couple, and a Lot of Slime," on October 4, the address of Jay Senter and his ex-wife's nationality were misidentified. He lives on the 19th floor, and she is American. Also the private investigator who looked into employee complaints about John Davis was Patrick Franklin. We regret the errors.


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