Letters from the Issue of November 6, 2008

The Real McBama

McCain is no tool like that Hawaiian kid: In response to Gus Garcia-Roberts's October 30 story "Faux-bama!": Barack Obama is like a wind-up doll — devoid of any sense of humor — and more important, devoid of experience. The only thing he is good for is running a campaign; that, to me, is not enough — not by a long shot. His wife leaves me cold; just like him, everything she says has to be scripted.

What is even worse are his "plans" when he gets into office. As with Watergate, we should "follow the money," which in Obama's case is very revealing. The pillars of Wall Street and corporate America are not giving money to Obama because he is a nice guy; he's a player. Corporate America is giving him money not to change the system, but to maintain the status quo.


Barack Obama

McCain, on the other hand, is a boat rocker. He has a history of that. "The boys" are afraid of McCain. He will make changes. He won't roll over.

Obama does what he is told. McCain does not. That is also why leaders of the Western world like Obama better. They also don't want to rock the boat.

Nora Halpert


He's no faux!: We saw Faux-bama this past summer during a protest with exiled Cubans at a meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors at Hotel InterContinental. A group of us even took pictures with him, but I personally met him in 2005 at Florida Memorial College and I thought something was fishy (crooked teeth, an accent, and nobody else was running to meet him, not even the police!). But he was very nice and courteous, and I enjoyed talking about that with everyone in our group.

Marva Lightbourne


Even faked, Obama is better: There seems to be a lot of anger and rage developing among McCain supporters, which is leading to some pretty ugly remarks about Obama. This is the simple truth: Our country has been devastated under George W. Bush. We are in the middle of two wars and the second great depression; we have tarnished the Bill of Rights and the magnificent name of America throughout the world. It is time we all begin to act like grownups and work together to solve our problems. McCain supports the same policies that Bush does on every major issue. Both men are patriotic and good, but Obama offers the intelligence, vision, understanding, strength, and change of direction we so desperately need. McCain people, cool your anger and think logically.

Janet Malinak


The Old Road

Is rapidly fading: Overall, Bob Norman's October 30 story "Breaking Newspapers" was very interesting, but I have a couple of clarifications. Cox Corporation, the parent of the Palm Beach Post, is in no way, shape, or form near going under. It has, however, expressed the desire to sell the newspaper portions of its business (Cox is mainly a cable and Internet, like Comcast).

Also, the research and consultancy firm Frank Magid doesn't specialize in TV news nor is it invading the newsroom. It conducts reader research and provides advice. The firm has worked for papers for years and probably has gone into TV to expand its revenue base.

Another dynamic not discussed is the Tribune's ownership of local Channel 39 broadcast stations in Fort Lauderdale.


North Miami

Liberal Media

Are a bunch of suckers: In his October 23 story "Dead Weight," Francisco Alvarado, like most reporters, gleefully awaits the defeat of Republicans. There is a very good reason the press has no credibility anymore. You guys are cheerleaders for anything the left-wing Democratic Party puts out. It's amazing that a so-called crusader for public morals is now applauding Raul Martinez — probably one of the dirtiest politicians in Miami-Dade County in the past 20 years.

You say Obama voters will push Martinez and Joe Garcia over the top, but a lot of us angry Republicans will vote, pummeling Obama (man-child) and your two Demo wannabes out of politics.

Guillermo Gonzalez



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