Letters from the Issue of November 5, 2009

Barack Talk

Get to work, big O: "No Justice" (James Lieber, October 29) was great. President Obama should read it and get rid of most of his treasury officials. He should put Brooksley Born, the lady who tried to regulate derivatives under President Clinton, in her place. He should put a few people like Bill Black in positions to clamp down on the bastards of big banks and Wall Street and then pass a law that all elections will be totally financed by government money.

Jerry L. Becker

Miami Beach


Give it up, citizenry: It's like I've been saying for years. We live in a plutocracy, not a true democracy, and it will not change until sacrifices are made. Most people are not yet ready or desperate enough to make them.




Surrender, rich people: I think there should be a limit imposed on how much money a person can make. I understand this contradicts the freedom of trade we believe in, but there's so much greed in corporate America that people would bribe, maim, and kill to keep making such ridiculous amounts of money. Perhaps there should be a law that sets standards for the amount a person can make, or at least a new federal income tax bracket. For instance, a person making tens of millions or more should be taxed 50 to 60 percent. Goodbye, deficit, and hello, strong and stable U.S.A.! If you don't like being greatly taxed for being greedy-rich, go live somewhere else. "We the people" aren't gonna take it anymore.




Give Obama a break: Does James Lieber work for Rush Limbaugh or just some 527 swift-boat group? President Obama has a lot on his plate without every receding hairline in the country ripping skin off of his butt. I know New Times has to come up with something, but give him a break already. How about gay marriage? Nobody has written about that for at least 15 or 20 minutes.

Frank Cates



The "great screwing of America"? Can you say movie title?: Great story and also a sad story if it is true, which I fear it is. I too believe that if there is no punishment for those who caused and benefited from this meltdown, nothing will change. The great screwing of America has to stop. I hope this is brought to President Obama's attention and he takes it to heart. I hope he makes a genuine effort to prosecute these scoundrels. But I fear if these scoundrels are in the government, nothing will happen.


Fort Lauderdale


The prez did it: The Wall Street crooks that President Obama has supposedly failed to go after didn't just come to power January 20, 2009. They have been doing this for years. Why didn't the Bush administration do something about it? Or even the Clinton administration? If the smarty-pants conservative know-it-alls don't like the way the current president is handling the country's problems, they have only themselves to blame. You can't just wave a magic wand and make everything OK just to please conservatives.


Jackson, Mississippi


Does anyone remember this?: Obama was a senator when Bush was in office. He knows all the stuff that went on, and he voted for a lot of it. So he has no excuse for hiring people who he knows worked for these banks. He is trying to turn our country into dog crap.


Metairie, louisiana

Get it right, Barry: I am very disappointed in President Obama. I voted for him only because I thought McCain and Palin were not right for this country. The president doesn't seem to be able to make up his mind on anything, and all he is doing now is acting like a movie star. We are so far in debt that we can sink from the amount of money this man has printed and will never be able to repay. What about the ACORN effect? Wake up, America, and see the light. The president is playing head games with all of us. Look how much money he spent to fly to another country with the hope the Olympics would be held in Chicago. What's wrong with this picture? Ask questions, send emails, and demand he do what he promised.


Pompano Beach


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