Letters from the issue of November 4, 2010

Shabby Chic

Bummed-out: Concerning the story about giving LeBron James's Cleveland jerseys to the homeless ("Bum Wrap," Gus Garcia-Roberts, October 28): I would never call anyone a "bum." I love the photos, though, and those clothes made a lot of people happy. Folks from all walks of life are hurting, and the jerseys put big smiles on the faces of what are maybe forgotten people. They look beautiful and quite proud to have them. But the reason behind the giving was just as dishonorable as "The Decision." Even though the jerseys made those people happy, I almost feel guilty for even looking at the pictures. Wouldn't it be nice to be generous to the homeless by donating clothes and items unrelated to an event that carries such hostility?



LeBron James

Standing tall: How about handing out some Miami Heat #6 jerseys? I know they are expensive, but at least LeBron's Heat shirts will make them feel comfortable when the team wins it all. As for Chris Jungjohann, who donated the jerseys, I'm sure Cleveland has homeless people too.


Trickle down: No worries about the homeless. After a year or so, LeBron will have that area cleaned up with all the money he will generate around the arena.


Brain trust: Awesome! Gotta love Miami organizations [such as the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust] that know what's "best."


Total Recall

No mas: Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez is done ("Recall Carlos Alvarez," Tim Elfrink, October 28). Increase taxes in a recession to give raises to your friends? Not cool.


Hasta la vista: Many elected officials nationwide are holding the line on taxes. They have a "Just Say No" policy to raising taxes and are not pandering to unions or lobbyists. Miami-Dade is located in one of the three states hardest hit by mortgage fraud and mortgage stupidity. Carlos Alvarez and a county commission majority took money from hard-working taxpayers and gave it to very well-paid public-sector employees. Dumb and dumber. Time to go, Carlos.


Bring 'em down: Carlos Alvarez diverted $3.5 billion from taxpayers to the Marlins, including the cost of debt service. Imagine if $1 billion were spent instead to fix up 500 hotels and motels? Imagine if $1 billion were spent to improve the training and education of hospitality workers? South Florida employs more than 100,000 people in the hospitality industry. The Marlins admitted that almost no tourists attend games. Recall Carlos Alvarez now.

Billions should have been spent on attracting tourists.


Getting Away Scot-Free

Down and out: Gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott, who wants all welfare recipients to take a drug test, is desperate for power at all costs, like all Republicans ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, October 28). He has sunk so much money into trying to win that he might need those food stamps after Alex Sink kicks his sorry a$$.


Say what?: Do I understand by reading your comments that you, Luther Campbell, have no problem with welfare recipients being on drugs or using welfare money? How do people on welfare afford drugs if they're on welfare in the first place? Those funds are being stolen from the children they are designed to help!


Profiteering: I'll bet you anything that Rick Scott will somehow try to privatize the drug testing and somehow he will have ties to said company.


Needy, my a$$: I am a black, 26-year-old male, and I know several dozen men and women who receive assistance who are on drugs and do not intend to get off of their lazy a$$es and get a job. It's sad, and it needs to be stopped once and for all. I did not vote for and was never planning on voting for Rick Scott because he is so far right, but I do agree with him on that. When I see a young, able-bodied man like myself in line at Wal-Mart using a food stamp card, it upsets me as a taxpayer.


Buck up: Many of us do not wish to continue to pay taxes to support an endless cycle of poor drug addicts. Those on drugs should not continue to receive support. This is America, in case you forgot. You have the choice to make as little or as much of yourself as you want, provided you work hard, obey the law, and don't make stupid choices and blame anyone other than yourself.


Race divide: As a black man raised on welfare, I have views that might be considered radical. But to the surprise of many whites, responsible blacks acknowledge that welfare does irreparable harm to the race. It divides the race between males and females, sending a message that unplanned pregnancies are rewarded with a check every month, a place to stay, and a food stamp card, and eliminating the possibility of the race as a whole ever being fully united.



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