Letters from the Issue of November 22, 2007

Rest in Peace

Adrian Ellis was a good man: Regarding "The Life and Death of Adrian Ellis" (November 15) by Calvin Godfrey: First let me say that Adrian was a wonderful father to our children. He wasn't perfect, but he was a man who wanted the best for his family. When people bring up the things in your past, others look at you differently. He did a lot of good things for the residents of South Miami; he changed a lot. So stop bringing up his past, and look at what he did in the present. I want my children to remember their father as a man who loved them and wanted them to do well in whatever they choose to do in life.

Rest in peace, Adrian. I love you. The kids and I are going to be fine. We love and miss you very, very much.


Adrian Ellis

Leeanna Sowells

Via Web commentary

What gives you the right?: I understand what Calvin Godfrey was trying to say in "The Life and Death of Adrian Ellis" regarding my husband and his life. But the article does not have all the facts about that fateful night, just speculation, because this is still under investigation. Believe me, we will have justice for Adrian. No, he was not a saint, but he was damn sure a good husband, father, son, and friend to many. He made changes in others' lives and left an example for people to respect and follow. He struggled to find himself, just like we all do. You owe his family an apology for this article. Yes, freedom of speech has you covered, but that does not give you the right to hurt his family and children.

Essie Christensen-Ellis

Via Web commentary

God Bless Us

Each and every one: I tip my hat to Jason Handelsman. In his most recent interview, he incited enough emotion in me that I had to comment about his story, "Piss and Vinegar" (November 8). This article, about Tom Gabel of Against Me!, is striking only because its bias conveys the downfall of reporting. There is no doubt in my mind that Handelsman understood exactly the kind of reception he would receive from Gabel by questioning his ethics. Sadly Handelsman is quite capable of inserting his own agenda into Gabel's words.

This article was created for one reason: web hits. Because of its sensational manner and the way it juxtaposes the answers Gabel gave initially with the more polite and calm responses he later e-mailed, your fine Miami New Times will receive an increase in Internet traffic, and ultimately this number will reflect on Handelsman's reputation. I hope he can sleep at night knowing that as a reporter, and I use that term very loosely, he has operated in the same cycle of which he accuses Gabel. Let us all tip our hats to one man's ability to question another's moral fiber. God bless the United States, and God bless the Miami New Times.

Gregory Kleczka

Stanhope, New Jersey

Mediterranean Misfire

You missed the mark: We tried your recommended Italian restaurant, Vito's ("Key Bisghetti," November 8, by Bill Citara). Boy, did you get this one wrong. The food was terrible! I agree it would be nice to have some small family Italian restaurant to enjoy, but this is definitely not the place. Bad, bad, bad.

Gene Parker


Follow the Money

Make a gift of Christmas Tree Island: Tamara Lush's "Key West Wrangle" (November 1) is an example of outstanding writing, excellence in reporting, honesty, and frankness. I lived in Key West for one year. The rich — Michael Walsh is one and Pritam Singh another — are tying up the entire island. I hope the petition works, and I hope Christmas Tree Island becomes a park like Fort Zachory Taylor, where most of the locals go. I became a watercolor painter down there, converting from cartooning because Key West is full of wonderful artists and is a place for painters. But you have to watch the local government there, just as we have to here in Palm Beach County; many are on the take along with the sneaky developers. Man, are they sly on getting around things. I hope to read your future writings.

Frank O. Simmons


A Just Fight

At least be consistent: Regarding Curt Bender's letter to the editor in your November 15 issue: I suppose our dear friend Mr. Bender also considers Nelson Mandela a "known terrorist" ("El Exilio Paints," by Janine Zeitlin, November 1). I wonder if he supports the continued jailing of Mr. Mandela? A man who fights Communism and tyranny in defense of liberty and democracy is a freedom fighter any way you look at it. The problem here is that leftists continue to support totalitarian regimes that are of the left while vilifying those of the right. I believe all should be vilified. In any event, I kind of like Luis Posada Carriles's paintings and might acquire one shortly. I'm sure Mr. Bender has a Che portrait hanging in his house.

Gabino Cuevas

Via Web commentary

Bravo for Bras

They brought in the bucks: Thanks to Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik for her mention of Bucks 4 Bras in her October 11 article "Cup Sizes and Claws." It was a big hit. Hundreds of women donated bras and a buck during the month of October, and hundreds more came out Friday night. We raised a pile of money for the Komen Foundation, and everyone had a great time. Thanks again!

Mike Poller

Olympia Heights


The November 15 article "Gray Ghost" contained misinformation about the night of Adrian Ellis's death. He was driving a rented Pontiac GT and died after being airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center.

His funeral took place Saturday, September 15. Also, Ellis's mother's name is Bernice Armstrong Ellis. We regret the errors.

Clubs Listings Editor

Miami New Times is looking for a clubs editor. Qualified candidates will have solid writing skills and significant knowledge of Miami's nightlife scene. Mail resumé and clips to Chuck Strouse, editor, Miami New Times, 2800 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33137. Or e-mail chuck.strouse@miaminewtimes.com. No phone calls, please.


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