Letters from the issue of November 18, 2010

A Grave Issue

Build it now: The proposed skate park at Biscayne Park is long overdue ("RIP It Up," Francisco Alvarado, November 11). Sure, it's next to a historic cemetery. Who is that hurting? The deceased? If noise is an issue, what about the fire department next to it? Or the soccer players who yell as they play? How about the homeless, drug users, and prostitutes so prevalent in the area? Is that "sacrilege"? I travel to Naples, Englewood, and Orlando just to find a good, world-class skate park. Miami needs this park and many others. As well as giving children an outlet, it helps the community too.



letters to the editor

Let them RIP: I was born in Daytona and am very familiar with Bethune Point. It's an isolated point of land in the Halifax River where the circus used to set its tent when it came to town. One thing it isn't near is a church or a cemetery. I have no issue with the concept of a park, but I do if they want to put it between two sacred places. Why doesn't the city put it on Watson Island? Isn't that in the Omni CRA district? Leave the cemetery and the temple alone.

Bob Smith

No kids' world: Skate park opponent Penny Lambeth, who doesn't even live in Miami, says the skate park should be in "a warehouse or an abandoned shopping mall or an underpass." Penny, would you take your grandkids to a playground in an abandoned shopping mall or under an overpass? Have you ever been under one of the overpasses in Miami except when getting onto I-95 after visiting the Arsht Center?

Joseph Peterson

Wrong sources: There are guys who have been in the skate scene here for 20-plus years who are fighting for this skate park. Instead of interviewing these guys who have insight into and input about this matter, you interviewed two snot-nosed, arrogant Cadillac enthusiasts who complain about how much it costs to drive their $50,000-plus cars to skate parks. Cry me a river. These kids are in no way a reflection of the skaters in South Florida. They are jokes.


Lacrosse, anyone?: I see three major obstacles to building this park. First, nobody wants the skate park as a neighbor because of the element it draws. Second, the two or three jobs it creates, in exchange for $2.2 million from taxpayers, and the burden of operating and maintaining such a facility is just not worth it. Third, such a facility would cater to only a very small slice of the population that is funding it. A publicly funded skate park makes as much sense as a publicly funded lacrosse stadium.


Urban renewal: I live one block from this site and am having a hard time understanding the opposition to a skate park. The field and the surrounding area is a no man's land after-hours, unless you are a homeless person, a drug addict, or a prostitute. I don't understand Miami residents sometimes.


Skate plaza, not skate park: You could build a skate plaza instead of skate park next to the cemetery. A plaza is more low-key, and it incorporates trees and grassy areas instead of being a solid mass of concrete. There are several highway underpasses along Biscayne Boulevard that would be good locations for a skate park. Maybe at NE 36th Street. Underpasses are otherwise a wasteland.

Sporty Spice


Play to pay: You get what you voted for ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, November 11). Unfortunately for the Dems, that is not true. In this election, people will get what they get because they did not vote. We didn't get tea-bagged; we tea-bagged ourselves. I don't want to hear any whining about cuts to health care, education, law enforcement, and anything else they can take away from us. Thanks to all of you who were too lazy to get up and vote — now we will all pay for it!


Riled up: You think everyone is out to get the black man. Grow up, you little punk. No one reads this crap anyway.

Chris Johnson

Surprised: Wow, I actually enjoyed reading this piece. Objective, fair, and even cleverly written in some regards. Way to go, Luke!


Fight England

No charity: Wow! Someone has finally come out with some truth about how Palmetto Bay mayoral candidate Peter England, who was accused of wrongdoing at Camillus House, operates ("Dirty Laundering," Francisco Alvarado, November 11). Can you imagine what he would do as mayor and with all of that money from a CRA that he proposes? People, please wake up. A CRA is not good for the village, and a mayor who controls it is even worse.



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