Letters from the Issue of November 13, 2008

Kimbo Didn't Dive

He fell: Bob Norman's November 6 story, "Kimbo's Slide," is total bullshit. Why would Kimbo throw the fight? The guy was trying to build a rep for himself. He wouldn't have taken a dive like that. These stories came out after Mike Tyson got knocked out by Buster Douglas. There were even rumors that before the fight, he had punched holes in his dressing room walls because he was so upset he had to take a dive. It's all BS.



Kimbo Slice

Via web commentary

Lee Klein Est Fou

Crazy like a fox, anyway: I'm not okay at all with Lee Klein's November 6 review, "Very Little Bit of Paris." I'm French and a chef, and I'm a usual client of Le P'tit Paris (three times a week). I've never noticed any of these bad points. The French fries are the best I have ever had. At Le P'tit, everything is perfect. The escargots are excellent, the lobster — Thermidor or grilled — is amazing, and the food is always simple and fresh! Please, go back on a Wednesday and revise your review. The Grove is more than happy to have Le P'tit in the neighborhood.



Local Newspapers, Goodbye

NY Times, hello: Who cares about the problems discussed in Bob Norman's October 30 story, "Breaking Newspapers"? Fewer and fewer people are reading newspapers today, and they reflect that. Look at all the flash and dash added in recent months to hide the serious downgrading of the news. If I want content, I go to the New York Times. These local papers no longer provide me news of my local government, they minimize or fail to cover local crime, they don't cover the schools, and they run terminally boring thumb-suckers about phony trends or misleading polls. So why should I read them any longer?


Cocoa Beach

Bloggers do the trick: A lot of people see the transformation of the three South Florida newspapers (smaller staffs, less coverage, and fewer investigative pieces), but I see it as a return to what journalism once was: small papers covering local areas with strong ideological slants. Globalization doesn't work for the news business.


Liberty City

So We Made a Mistake

Those Diaz-Balarts are crafty: Francisco Alvarado's October 23 story, "Dead Weight," was dead wrong. Although most people in Dade County lost their minds and voted for Obama, at least they kept their wits about them when it came to Raul Martinez and Joe Garcia. It does make me wonder: Could it be that only the presidential vote was tampered with? Maybe they forgot to fudge the votes on the Cuban brothers.... I still can't believe that Dade went Obama.



Nada es igual, bud: New Times forgot to notify the public that the Diaz-Balart brothers won and will continue in Congress. [See "Raul Martinez's Popularity Hits Bottom."] Yes, we know that Castro is still in a bed awaiting death, that Raul is a do-nothing guy, that the ones who need and want change are in jail, and that the country decays by the minute and the people starve by the hour.

But you did not mention any of that.

Well, we say in Spanish: "El cuartico esta igualito." Things are just the same. And they will continue igualito. Obama, our flamboyant messiah, is going to be facing many problems. The American system will not allow changes as expected by your crummy paper.



Go Dem, kids!: I cannot understand the Cuban perception of the Democratic Party. I agree there were problems between the United States and Cuba during the missile crisis, but now it's time to give it up. If you want to change Cuba's government, move back and make the change. Don't depend on the American people to make the change for you.

Melody Richards



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