Letters From the Issue of November 12, 2009

Park 'n' Slide

Stay Away from the Grove: Gus Garcia-Roberts' November 5 story, "Park or Die Tryin'," hit the nail on the head regarding parking in the Grove. I've lived in Miami for eight years, and love all of the outdoor "mall" type of places like Bayside, Lincoln Road, etc. But I have been to the Grove probably five or fewer times simply because parking is — always — a hassle. And honestly, if I'm going out for fun, who wants to worry about parking? It's just easier to hit up Aventura or Miami Beach.

And the part regarding businesses paying upwards of $5,000 per month for parking: What a shame, considering those costs are only translated to the customers via higher prices. This just hurts Miami residents all-around.

Anonymous Coward

Pembroke Pines

Bye bye, Archie Bunker: Parking, along with all the other ways the city and property owners have found to tax everyone, is exactly the reason people like myself, and others, are either leaving Miami or not going out to spend their money...after all, it's just not worth it anymore. No wonder Miami has no clearly definable middle class. If we had one, it would be made up of people with job skills and education, but no desire to put up with the nickel-and-dime BS of the nightlife and entertainment districts here in Miami's metro area.



What's wrong with a bum security force?: They really need to fix the parking problems ASAP. I can't visit my girlfriend downtown without having to pay $15 for a valet, or $10 to the city and risk getting towed when they put "no parking" signs up overnight. And arrest the idiots who will "make sure nothing happens to your car."



Did you notice the writer's name, Bozo?: As a media professional and a 20-year Miami resident of Hispanic descent, I resent that Gus Garcia-Roberts feels the need to bring national identities to any of the people in this article. This only adds to the pejorative stigmas of our community.

John Albert Negron

Coral Gables

Profit = Lobbyists: Here's a quote from Gus Garcia-Roberts' article: "In 2008, according to the agency's annual report, it made $87.8 million in revenue, for a whopping net profit of $27.8 million, $2 million more than in 2007 and $3 million more than in 2006." Terrible. Now like any respectable city, county, state, or federal governmental agency in America, this bunch of public servants will have to figure out a way to never again make any sort of profit, and instead finish the fiscal year with a loss. That way they can grow and prosper and hire lobbyists to argue for general fund cash.


Via web commentary

Sign on the dotted line, please: I feel as though the Miami New Times deliberately made a fool of me by posting my picture and personal information as well as my arrest photo. I understand that this is a public newspaper that obtains information from public records, but when I spoke with the writer, he made it seem as though he was just writing an article related to my case. This is unfair, and if I were going to be used in a newspaper, I should have signed something stating that it was okay for them to do so.

Rolanda Benjamin


Impeach Obama

I'm with this guy: In response to James Lieber's October 29 story, "No Justice," when are the people of the United States of America going to stop letting the government slide on these issues? If President Obama isn't going to handle this problem, who will? For the love of GOD, why can't anyone see what is happening here...If this president is not impeached soon, we are all doomed!!!!!!!

Kim S.

Pompano Beach

Such a stick in the mud: If you want President Obama to solve the problems that "Bush" created, ask Bush to tell you what he did to create the problems. Mr. Obama can only undo what the Bush administration has done. First Mr. Obama has to figure out what Bush did, then try to undo it. Next Mr. Obama has to figure out a way to advance from the wreckage of Bush's mess. If the Bush administration would cooperate, the good guys wouldn't have to waste time, effort, and taxpayers' money.


Via Web Commentary


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