Letters from the issue of November 11, 2010

Times Squared

Far out: The 40-story digital billboards proposed by developer Mark Siffin ("Blinded by the Light," Tim Elfrink, November 4) remind me of the American Eagle Outfitters display in Times Square — way cool. Way to go, Miami. You're finally joining the 21st Century. Can't wait for it to be built in my neighborhood.

Ian Rojas


letters to the editor

Remember the parking: Siffin, you fit in well with our new governor. Join the crooked politicians and the rest of the drug lords down here, but please don't forget to provide parking at your new facility.

James S

Name-calling: A big congratulations to [development backer and city commission Chairman] Marc Sarnoff — duplicitous liar, cheat, and thief extraordinaire — for becoming a major turd in the unethical and amoral cesspool that has become standard operating procedure for Miami politicians, commissioners, and the entire cast of greedy, antisocial developers, criminals, and miscreants of ill repute whose personal characters are simply putrid.


Whole truth: It's insane to think a reporter would use a convicted felon's testimony as fact to characterize this developer, over the ruling of a judge, a jury, and a supreme court. In Mr. Elfrink's world, only people whom convicts say are guilty should be in prison. That's about as frightening as this ridiculous story.


Yellow journalism: I know this reporter, Tim Elfrink, and he was under investigation for having sex with a minor boy, he was fired from his last three jobs, he flunked 11th grade, and he was caught stealing from his last employer. Those "facts" are about as truthful as his story about Mr. Siffin. It's downright shameful how anyone can write anything about anyone nowadays, defaming people's character. I hope Siffin sues this paper and reporter. They're a scam.

Dani O.

Signed on: Just the facts: Can someone please write a story about this project without lying about or sensationalizing it? I live in the neighborhood and went to two presentations this developer held, and both times most of the neighbors loved the project. That's how this guy got more than 8,000 petitions in support. It's approved, so let's move on and get some good stores and restaurants. We need them.


Out of Bounds

Nailed it: Uncle Luke hit the point right on the helmet! You can't fine players for helmet-to-helmet hits ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, November 4). The new rules they are suddenly trying to enforce are ridiculous, to say the least. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is turning football into a woman's game. Soon there will be no tackling, only pushing, and eventually just blowing.



Dade cab: Miami-Dade County, along with the insurance industry, has made it so expensive to run a cab that a driver is left with next to nothing at the end of his shift ("Homeless Cabbies," Michael Miller, November 4). Rather than squeezing the industry, the county should just take it over and give decent jobs with benefits to the drivers. Now cabbies have nothing except the clothes on their body and a bit of food in their gut. Our drivers have it worse than in Third-World countries, and there is no excuse.

RW Glukstad

Hello, Dalai

Party Lama: Three days is plenty of notice for just about anything, especially a visit from the Dalai Lama ("Yuppie Exile," Gus Garcia-Roberts, November 4). To the woman who complained about being inconvenienced: Be glad you live in a condo building that's fancy enough that one of the best-known people on Earth wants to party there.

T. Fallow

Karma time: What truly shocks me is the woman's comment: "If the Chinese government wants to kill him so badly, is that really something we should burden the building with?" His Holiness represents the manifestation of all Buddhas' compassion for sentient beings, including someone fortunate enough not only to live in a free country but also to do so obviously lying in the lap of luxury. Her comments embarrass me as an American, as they should any American living by our nation's principles. I pray she isn't reborn into a life of poverty or as a freedomless Chinese.

5th Marine


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