Letters from the issue of May 5, 2011

Unnecessary Roughness

Slighting Irish: Dave Duerson's downward spiral that resulted in his suicide started with the incident at the Morris Inn on the campus of the University of Notre Dame ("Hard Hit," Gus Garcia-Roberts, April 28). The altercation with his wife resulted in disgrace and ND dumping him from the board and blacklisting him. That's the thanks he got from his alma mater. If it wasn't for how ND treated him, I am convinced he would not have spiraled downward like he did. So sad, so very, very sad.

Danny Domer


Dave Duerson

Suspicious Minds

The fugitive: I've lived in Miami for 60 years, eaten at Captain's Tavern, and seen accused murderer Ronald Miranda, AKA Richard Gamble ("On the Run," Michael E. Miller, April 28). I would never have known he was a fugitive.


Case closed: I'm so sick of people saying "crime of passion" like it's OK. Come on. How would you feel if it was your family member he killed? He's where he belongs. If people who knew him were honest, they would have described a drunk, violent, racist man. I pray that the victim's family and his family can now have closure.


Time bomb: If I caught my wife in bed with another man, I wouldn't shoot him. I'd thank him, smile, pack my shit, and leave. This guy always looked half-whacked. I frequent Captain's Tavern and remember telling my wife that he looked like a nut job and a killer waiting to explode. Little did we know. Now we have to foot the bill for keeping him locked up for the rest of his life.


Mayor's Row

Ad rag: Luther Campbell might be the best candidate for mayor — I have yet to hear from one better ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, April 28). But isn't it hypocritical to condemn others for soft money when you're getting free space in Miami's contribution to yellow journalism, the much-loved New Times? Has it offered equal space to all candidates?

Andy F

Divide and conquer: There is no real ethnic harmony or tolerance in South Florida nor has there ever been anytime in the past. In fact, there doesn't seem to be any possibility of racial or ethnic harmony anywhere in the U.S. no matter where you look. It's beginning to look like the great American social experiment is one big failure, and it doesn't help that people like Uncle Luke have nothing better to do with their lives than spew racial and ethnic hatred.


Failing parents: How can you blame politicians for the collapse of the school system? It has collapsed only in the districts where the parents care the least. The schools are there; so are the books and the teachers. Even the students are there. What is notably absent? The parents of these children. Stop chiding the politicians for your own political gain, and chide the parents of the children for their disappointing grades. The responsibility is their own.


Dis honor: The fact is that candidate Julio Robaina, currently the mayor of Hialeah, could be the worst mayor Miami-Dade has ever seen. Robaina will bring to Miami the same Hialeah management style of favoring associates and leaving the rest of the community out in the cold.


Go, Luke: I don't pretend to know how serious the powers that be will try to make a joke out of Luke's candidacy, but I hope the masses take a serious look at what Luke is exposing and boot out the same old gang of self-serving politicians who are behind the majority of the problems. Fight the good fight, Luke, keep the pressure, and watch your back. They play real dirty!


Tow the Line

Tow them: I have owned a towing company for 30 years, and I can tell you that Miami Beach's only two licensed companies — Tremont and Beach Towing — are dirtbags ("Tow Wars," Tim Elfrink, April 28). I hope the city runs them both out of town. They are a disgrace to the profession.


No warning: The tow truck drivers in Miami Beach work on commission and constantly tow from spots where No Parking signs are hidden. I got towed from behind Wolfie's. I had no money and had to get a friend to come from Broward County with the cash. I stayed by the spot and warned other drivers not to park there. A tow truck driver approached me and asked if I was going to warn people all day. My reply was, "Fuckin' right, asshole!"

Broke and towed


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